Well, we celebrated No-Excuse November by following our tradition of trying out fitness activities beyond the gym with our Fitato Community. Just like every month, this month too, we enjoyed a lot of Fitato Exclusive Events ranging from Gokarting to Wall climbing and whatnot.

Here’s a list of all the fun, fitness Fitato Exclusive Events the Fitato Community in the month of November.

Andharban Trek

With the onset of winter, we had to head for yet another trek with our Fitato Community this month. This time, the location we chose was Andharban. A dense forest, Andharban has a beautiful descending trail in the splendid Sahayadri forest, providing a peaceful and picturesque environment for the trek. So, we not only enjoyed a fun way to fitness but also witnessed an amazing view making it one of the best Fitato Exclusive Events of the month.


Well, we were in the mood of some adventure this month. So, we headed for an exciting Gokarting expedition in Pune. Before you start wondering where does the fitness quotient come into play in this, we must tell you that Gokarting too is a great fitness activity. It has a number of health benefits. Karting helps you in building strength, improves your reflexes and even burns off a lot of calories. Needless to say, we had so much fun in this adventurous fitness activity.

fitato exclusive events gokarting

Wall Climbing

While our community in Pune was busy enjoying Gokarting, our Hyderabad clan resorted to wall climbing to couple fitness and adventure into their regime. For those who don’t know, wall climbing is not only a great cardio and strength building activity but also reduces stress and improves your flexibility.

Functional Training At Virtu Fitness

Our Hyderabad community also enjoyed an exclusive functional training session at Virtu fitness this month where they pushed their limits and challenged their body to newer fitness levels. The session was so much more enjoyable and fun than any other functional training session because we were enjoying it together with your Fitato fam.

Back To School

It was Children’s day this month. So, we couldn’t have ended it without enjoying fitness like we used to as kids. So, we had our signature fun-filled, playful Back to School event in Pune. In that, we took part in races, kho-kho and fun games that we all loved as kids. Before we could realise it, the session had turned into the best Children’s day celebration we’ve ever had.

Aqua Dance

Our Hyderabad community is still hungover from all the aqua fitness they enjoyed in summers and to soothe their nostalgia we organised yet another Aqua dance session there with our Fitato fam at Oyster Swimming Pool. Dancing is always exciting and engaging for us. And when you dance inside a pool, the fun just multiplies exponentially.

Yoga Carnival

November also witnessed the sixth edition of Fitato Yoga Carnival in Pune. It is our signature event that hosts Yoga sessions conducted by leading Yoga instructors across town. And this time, the fun was double. Because we hosted the carnival at two locations, Koregaon Park and Banner, in the city. It was to make it convenient for all our Fitato Community members to attend the event. Needless to say, it was a huge success.

Fitato Socials- House Party

Fitness is not just about being physically fit, it also is about your mental and social well-being. As a step towards building a socially fit Fitato Community, we launched a new Fitato Exclusive Event, Fitato Socials. These are essentially house parties hosted by the Fitato Community to come together, network and build and foster relations. This month, our house party’s theme was “Hitting the Nostalgia”, essentially to relive our college days.

fitato exclusive events fitato socials

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