Yet another month filled with fitness, fun and friends has gone by. And we are still hungover with all the memories we’ve created this month, thanks to our Fitato Community. We, together, enjoyed a lot of fun Fitato Exclusive events this month.

Here’s our repository-cum-flashback of the Fitato Exclusive Events we took part in the month of May. Check the exclusive section of the Fitato App to be a part of many more such events to come.

Back To School

In an effort to approach fitness the way we used to back in our childhood days, Fitato Community also enjoyed Back To School, an orchestra of fitness activities we took part in as kids such as kho-kho, lemon race, three-legged race, seated basketball and what not.

Why workout like adults when you can relive childhood and have fun like kids.

Bhangra Workshop With Moms

In order to make Mother’s day special for the moms of our Fitato users, we organised a Bhangra Workshop where users could bring their moms along. Who would have thought of such a fitness and fun way of celebrating mother’s day. Well we did.

Our uses swayed to bhangra tunes along with their mothers, making this one of the most memorable events for us.

Happy Hours At The Bar

Before you relate this to some bar offer, we must tell you it was not. At Fitato, happy hours always mean hours spent working out. And bars are what we used in this workshop to get fit. Yes, this was a callisthenics workshop that we had organised.

Our users pushed their limits and engaged in challenging callisthenics movements to build their core strength and get fit.

Fitato Fitness Fiesta 2.0

This definitely was the highlight of the month of May. This month our took part in the second edition of the Fitato Fitness Fiesta wherein we held a series of exciting fitness sessions.

From serene Aqua Yoga, to thrilling Strong by Zumba and from traditional Bollywood dance to contemporary Poundfit workout, we tried it all. Fitness Fiesta is Fitato’s version of a pool party and one of the craziest things we indulged in lately.

Torna Night Trek

Sometimes all you need is a night in the lap of nature, with the right people and some good music. Fitato Community’s Torna Night Trek gave us one such night, because, for Fitato, fitness is beyond bars and walls.

Our users spent the night atop Torna fort and spent the night jamming, sharing stories and enjoying a night away from the city qualms.

Rock Climbing Workshop

Did you know that Rock Climbing not only helps in building strength and flexibility but also is a good way of reducing stress? To top that, you get to conquer your fear.

The Fitato Community took part in an adventurous rock-climbing workshop as yet another extravaganza to make fitness fun.

Do you want to be a part of these amazing events? Why don’t you try one community workout on us and then decide whether you want to stick to your mundane gym workout or experience fitness Fitato-style? Click here to know more.

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