Fitato Community always seeks to find fun-filled, unconventional and enjoyable ways to approach fitness. Sticking to regular gym workouts and conventional fitness activities is totally unlike us. So, just like all the previous months, we spent the month of March too, experimenting and engaging in fitness differently.

Here are all the Fitato Exclusive events that we relished this month making March more fun and exciting for us.

Fitato Fitness Fiesta

There’s always a first, and we gave Pune it’s first fitness pool party. Fitato Fitness Fiesta was one of it’s kind pool party loaded with fitness training sessions, fitness shows, healthy snacks and drinks and too much fun.

Fitato Fitness Fiesta was the best definition of Sunday Funday for every fitness enthusiast where attendees got a chance to engage in everything ranging from Aqua Zumba, Aqua Yoga, Strong By Zumba, Circuit Training, Soapy Football and even Hip-Hop and Jazz. Not just that, it also had an amazing Parkour show. What else could we have asked for!

Slippery Soapy Football

There’s no denying the fact that Soapy Football has become our new-found love and we engaged in it whenever we got the chance. Who wants to stick to the regular football on a field when you can slip, slide and glide away to glory enjoying Soapy football.

Challenging the odds, stumbling at times, yet having fun all the while, Fitato Community definitely enjoyed Soapy football.

An Evening With Fitqueens

As a precursor to Women’s day, Fitato Fitqueens engaged in an evening stocked with fitness sessions designed only for them. With sessions on Self-Defense, Zumba, and Yoga, the Fitqueens sure got their exclusive fitness evening.

Back To School

In an effort to approach fitness the way we used to back in our childhood days, Fitato Community also enjoyed Back To School, an orchestra of fitness activities we took part in as kids such as kho-kho, lemon race, three-legged race, seated basketball and what not.

Why workout like adults when you can relive childhood and have fun like kids.

Do you want to be a part of these amazing events? Why don’t you try one community workout on us and then decide whether you want to stick to your mundane gym workout or experience fitness Fitato-style? Click here to know more.

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