It’s that time of the month again. Time to reminiscence all the fabulous memories we created in the amazing Fitato Exclusive Events, this month. As we look back, we are proud to have gotten closer to our fitness goals, together as a community.

Here’s our recollection of the Fitato Exclusive Events that happened in the month of June. The memories we created are everlasting. We are happy to have been able to make fitness more fun for our Fitato Community.

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Fitato Yoga Carnival

We proudly hosted yet another edition of the Fitato Yoga Carnival this month. It was our way of celebrating the Internation Yoga Day. We dedicated this carnival towards understanding yoga, not only as a means to get physically fit but as a step towards better mental health.

It was one of the most serene experiences we had this month. It had a series of yoga sessions like Vinyasa Flow, Candle Gazing Yoga and more,

Ind V/S Pak Match Screening

One of the happiest times for the Fitato Community (and the nation!) was when the Ind Vs Pak match of CWC’2019 got scheduled on Father’s day. We had to get together to find out “Who’s the Baap?” of Cricket (and we did- India)

Sometimes, fitness is also about having fun, being around people you like and staying happy. At the screening, we laughed, we hurray and we cheered for Team India- together.

Fitato Cricket Championship

Well, our cricket fever didn’t end at the screening. To further fuel the fire, we hosted a Cricket championship for the Fitato Community where teams from different areas in the city battled their way to become the cricket champions.

While the world was excited about the World cup, we decided to have our little world cup ourselves. The team for PCMC emerged as the Champions in the series.

Backbends For Beginners

Backbendsย are strengthening exercises that stretch the hip flexors and help open up the shoulders and chest. They not only keeping backaches at bay but also help in building a good postured. So, we decided to engage in an informative session about backbends with the Fitato community.

The aim of the session was to ensure that the basics for backbends are in place and are being performed correctly.

Yoga Workshops

As a subset of the International Yoga Day celebration and as pre-events leading to the Fitato Yoga Carnival, we engaged in different Yoga workshops almost every weekend with the Fitato community.

The idea was to bring awareness as a holistic effort throughout the month, as opposed to being a single one-day celebration for namesake.

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