Every month, we make innumerable memories with our Fitato Community in Fitato Exclusive Events, and to make these memories last forever, we recollect them regularly. This month, we made fitness our playground by taking part in a variety of exclusive events.

Like every month, our motto was to get closer to our fitness goals while having fun with our Fitato Community. Some traditional, some modern and some unique we engaged in all sorts for fun fitness activities.

Here is a list of all the fun Fitato Exclusive Events that we enjoyed in the month of July.

Bhorgiri Trek

We set ourself free into nature by enjoying the magical Bhorgiri trek. Trailing through dense forests was a vision to relish. To top that, we had our Fitato community supporting and pushing each other further till we all reached the top.

Treks are the perfect fitness expedition and the monsoons served as a cherry on the cake. They make the view mesmerizing and the climb challenging yet enjoyable.

Back To School

Just like the treks, Back to School is also one of our favourite Fitato Exclusive events where we relive our childhood. By engaging in games, races, and activities that we used to enjoy when we were kids, fitness really becomes a playground for us.

We not only achieve fitness in one of the most fun way possible but also become kids again and become as playful and joyful as we were back in our childhood.

Outdoor Workouts

We firmly believe that fitness goes beyond the walls of gyms and fitness studios. And so we engage in outdoor workouts with the Fitato Community. Working out in the lap of nature is so much more refreshing than any indoor workout.

Walking, running, practising yoga outdoors is not only a great fitness activity but also provides incomparable solace. We are already in love with the outdoor workouts.

Kool Karaoke Evening

Fitato Fam is not always about working out. Sometimes, it’s also about making evenings special and collecting memories that last forever. And so we hosted one of the most unique Fitato Exclusive Events, Kool Karaoke Evening.

The Fitato Community sang, danced and enjoyed to their heart’s content. We laughed, we shared and we showed that we cared.

Yoga Workshops

Like every month, this month too we engaged in different forms of yoga. Some were aimed at relieving stress and some aimed at building core strength.

Some were focussed around back pains and some were focussed around flexibility. But what they all had in common was to make the body fit and the mind calm.

Football Conditioning

One of our best memories of July was when we set ourselves free, became carefree and took part in an insightful football conditioning session in heavy rains.

It felt like we defeated the weather that day and learned yet another sport while making fitness fun. Because for us fitness is beyond going to the gym.

If you wish to take part in similar Fitato Exclusive Events, check the Exclusives section of the Fitato App.

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