The new year has been all about making fitness as exciting, enjoyable and fun for you as we can. And to do that, the first step we took this year, was to revamp our exclusives. To do that, we found the most amazing and unique classes across the town for you to enjoy not just over the weekend but on weekdays too.

What we didn’t change were our weekend events, Fitato Exclusive Events. And so, we enjoyed some of the most thrilling events in January 2020. Here’s our recollection of the memories we made this month.

Paddle Away- A Kayaking Expedition

For the first time ever, we organised ‘Paddle Away’, a Kayaking expedition for our Fitato Community at the Talegaon Lake. And to make it even more exciting, we also took part in some impromptu Slack-Lining activity.

Both of these activities improve aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility. And they are so much fun. We are definitely going to plan another paddling expedition soon as our Fitato fam absolutely loved it!

Powerlifting Workshop

When you have a World Powerlifting Champion in-house, you just cannot resist hosting Powerlifting workshops, can you? And so we organised a Powerlifting Workshop with none other than Sehej Maini, who made India proud at the World Powerlifting Champion.

Our Fitato Community practised the three major lifts in Powerlifting: Benchpress, Squat and Deadlift with Sehej and trained to perfect the posture and form in those.

Animal Flow Workshop

In the lap of nature, this month, we tried yet another new form of fitness, Animal Flow with none other than the exceptional instructor Govind Kamat at the Pashan Lake. Could it get any better? We say no.

An Animal Flow workout is focussed on improving strength, power, flexibility, mobility, and coordination using bodyweight. It is centered largely around ground-based work and is perfect for anyone looking to challenge themselves.

Missed these events? Fear not! We have many more planned in the coming months. Check out the exclusives section of the Fitato App to know more.

For more information on all the different gyms and fitness activities (CrossFit, Yoga, Zumba, etc), you can try out in your city, check out Fitato. Fitato is your single membership to various gyms & fitness studios in your city. So what are you waiting for? Download the app now.

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