We, at Fitato never miss a chance to make fitness fun, exciting and adventurous. Here are all the Fitato Exclusive events that the Fitato Community took part in the first month of 2019. Join us on our extravaganza by checking the exclusive section on your Fitato App!

Rajmachi Trek

Our love for trekking compels us to explore new traverses every month. And this month, our endeavours landed us at the Rajmachi Fort. Needless to say, the trek was refreshing energizing and mesmerizing at the same time. And the best part, the people, our Fitato Community.

We went together, we came together, we enjoyed together.

Arm Inversion With Nikhil

The Fitato Community loves to challenge itself with something new everyday. So, this time we ditched traditional yoga postures and tried out something a bit advanced. Arms inversion postures increase body flexibility and balance.

And what’s better than accomplishing a new level of fitness!

Gentle Flow With Mallika

Soothing and smooth like a river traversing down a slope, yoga with Mallika is one of the most relaxing community workout that the Fitato Community takes part in. Gentle Flow workshop pushed the Fitato community towards self-control and flexibility.

The calm that takes over us post the session is incomparable!

Salsa Workshop

What you love, you don’t let go easily. Our sassy salsa nights seem to have become a monthly expedition now. The best part- the flirtatious fun! Salsa becomes a perfect mixture of passion, rhythm and fitness for us.

And it’s always enjoyable to flaunt our salsa grooves later!

Salsa Workshop- Fitato Exclusive Events

Self Defense Workshop With Kanad

Fitness also means being strong enough to defend ourselves. Fitness also means discipline. And that is what we learnt at the self-defence workshop facilitate by Kanad. It not only made us feel confident but also self-aware and aware about our surroundings.

And who wouldn’t want to learn a few combat strategies!

Self-defense workshop- Fitato Exclusive Events

Strong By Zumba With Ritika

Zumba is yet another energizing workout that we can’t get enough of! We enjoyed two amazing community workouts conducted by Ritika this month. Zumba mixes dance and fitness- two of our favourites.

And the Fitato Community just makes it more fun with their gimmicks!

Strong By Zumba With Ritika

Yoga Flow With Mandira

January has provided us with so much flexibility with all the soothing yet challenging yoga workouts. And Yoga Flow with Mandira was just another feather on our cap that we accomplished this month.

Apart from the fun and flexibility, the session was one of the most de-stressing workout of the month!

Do you want to be a part of these amazing events? Why don’t you try one community workout on us and then decide whether you want to stick to your mundane gym workout or experience fitness Fitato-style? Click here to know more.

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