December, the last month of the year. Well, we at Fitato ended it with a bang. Fitness and fun both were at their peak in December with exciting Fitato Exclusive Events.

If you wish to be a part of one of them too, watch out the Fitato Exclusive section in your app and never miss the exclusive fun at these events!

1. Fitato Carnival

If you thought Fitato community is all about getting fit together, you may be wrong. While fitness is always at the forefront for us, party and fun too, make to our priority list. We bid adieu to 2018 with a fitness-style party, Fitato Carnival

2. BollyFusion

We know that DJ Snake’s Taki Taki is fun but Bollywood strike a chord with us at another level altogether. Fostering our love for Bollywood music, we enjoyed BollyFusion workout. Because Bollywood kicks the boring out!

3. Sinhagad Trek

Fitness is much beyond four walls. It is high up the Sinhagad fort. It is in the chilly winds, in the lush green view, in the love for heritage and in the company of the best people. Fitness is trekking up the hill with the Fitato company, supporting each other and enjoying fitness with fun.

4. Piloxing Drill

Yes, Pilates is the new trend in fitness. But we love boxing too. And we just cannot give up on dance. But what if all of it comes together? Yes, we enjoyed the most enthralling cardio-workout, Piloxing with our Fitato community. Why choose if you can get it all in one!

5. Football Tournament

Fitness is fun, but competing in fitness is just amazing. Fitato community is a strong backbone for all it’s members, but we don’t mind challenging and competing with each other. Sports is just another synonym of fitness and Football is just another love of our fitness enthusiasts.

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6. Off The Floor: Aerial Yoga

Why stick to the ground if fitness can be found up in the air too. Aerial yoga literally sweeps you off your feet and gets you a form of fitness that defies gravity. And the flexibility you get after it leaves you so energized. Tempted to try it out? Join us at our next Aerial Yoga community workout.

7. Pop Pilates

If a strong core is what you are looking for, Pilates is the best workout for you. And with that you get alignment, strength, balance and flexibility. And the excitement of trying something new. That’s all that we enjoyed in our Pop Pilates workout.

Do you want to be a part of these amazing events? Why don’t you try one community workout on us and then decide whether you want to stick to your mundane gym workout or experience fitness Fitato-style? Click here to know more.

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