Here’s what the Fitato clan was up to in this last month!  Keep an eye out on the Fitato Exclusives section of your Fitato App and join us on our little adventures with the Fitato Family.

1. A Camping Trip For The Ages (August 4th and 5th)

What’s better than camping under the stars? Try swimming in a lake, sound meditation, bonfires and guitars with your best friends until late in the night! This very special event, hosted by the sports club Adventure Battalion also featured adventure games like rappeling in the very heart of nature itself.

2. The Beautiful Game With The Fitato Community (August 9th and 10th)

The Fitato team gets together almost every weekend to play football under the lights. This weekend was no different and everybody gathered together to have a gala time.

3. Cyclathon For A Better Future (August 11th)

With the recent introduction of these cycles on rent, the world is headed towards a much better place.  And what better city to ride around in on a cycle than our very own clean and green Pune. The weather was absolutely perfect, the streets empty and people as friendly as ever.

4. Workout With Fitato (August 12th)

We make sure we get in our fill of community workouts. This one was spearheaded by our very own Mallika Rathod. She made sure there was absolutely no dearth of energy or enthusiasm.

5. Virtual Reality And Sports (August 13th)

Sometimes, we take a break from everything health and fitness related and just go out and have a fun night on the town. Pune’s largest virtual gaming center-cum-bar. Complete with neon lights,  VR headsets, and dancing, it was an evening to remember.

6. Cleanathon On Independence Day (August 15th)

Sometimes, you just have to get down and get your hands dirty, especially if it is serving a bigger goal. On this 71st independence day, we walked a total of 5km and cleaned up all the garbage on the way. The future is in our hands and we must take responsibility to make sure it’s a good one.

 7. Nutrition Workshop (August 19th)

You are what you eat. And if you want to lose weight or get fit, you better know what to eat as half the battle is fought in the kitchen. So we organized this nutrition workshop at Foodsmith to set your mind at ease and clear all your doubts about the food you should eat.

8. Burning Some Rubber With Go-Karts (August 25th)

Do you like speed? If you do, you would have loved this go-karting event we hosted at the Indikarting Track. Everybody had a great time and we can’t wait to buckle up and get back on the track!

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