Another month has gone by and we are thrilled to look back on all the fun we’ve had. The Fitato Community engaged in some serene, some challenging, some reviving and some exciting Fitato Exclusive events in of April. Getting fit together was paramount in these events and the Fitato community succeeded in achieving that.

These are all the Fitato Exclusive events that the Fitato Community enjoyed in the month of April 2019.

By The Lake

As a celebration of the World Health Day, Fitato Community from Pune chose to approach fitness holistically and engaged in activities focussed on building physical health and gaining mental peace.

We went to the Pawna lake and enjoyed Yoga, Meditation and Self-Exploration activities like writing poetry, sketching and drawing there. It was a soothing relief from the city rush and we all returned calm and relaxed.

Self Defence Workshop

The Fitato Community in Hyderabad took part in a Self Defence Workshop in association with the American Martial Arts Centre. Facilitated by Dr Brett Mayfield Ph.D., Psy.D, the class helped the participants in not only exploring a new fitness style but also gaining confidence and a sense of security.

The workshop was a healthy mix of self-defence training and along with fitness guidance by Dr Brett.

Yoga Carnival

This month we also had the second edition of Pune’s Biggest Yoga carnival which hosted four leading Yoga instructors who shared their knowledge and technique with the Fitato Community.

The carnival hosted different forms of yoga like Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Partner Yoga by Yoga experts. The carnival was a celebration of fitness and our tradition.

Basketball Match

No month is complete without sports for the Fitato Community. We also enjoyed a friendly basketball match with Fit-beings which not only boosted our spirit of camaraderie but also instilled us with so much energy.

Let’s just say, a fun and challenging match of any sports is our way of spending every Friday night. And we love it.

Fitato Fustal Championship

While the world was busy watching tournaments and IPL matches, we took part in one of our own. Fitato Community Pune witnessed a month-long tournament wherein teams from different areas in the city competed and challenged each other in a healthy football match.

After a series of trails and practice matches, team Old Monks from NIBM area emerged as winners of the championship.

Basics For Beginners

Members of the Fitato Community always help each other to grow and evolve in fitness. To ensure that the beginners in the Fitato Community get the right start in the fitness journey, we had a session on gym basics at different locations in the city of Pune.

It was insightful and helped participants understand basic workout forms and perform them in the right manner to prevent injury.

Soapy Football

Well, let’s just we like to slip and slide. Just like the previous months, this month too we couldn’t resist enjoying our personal favorite. We took part in yet another slippery evening of Soapy Football in Pune.

It is a healthy non-competive football match with a twist. We replace the football ground with a soapy floor and trust us, it so much more fun.

Aqua Fest

This is one of the activities the Fitato Community from both Pune and Hyderabad enjoyed. Considering the rising temperatures, Pune Community engaged in Aqua Yoga and Hyderbad Community enjoyed Aqua Yoga and Aqua Zumba.

Performing these workouts in a pool is both relaxing yet challenging and helps boost body strength and flexibility.

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