“Change is the only constant in life”, one of the most trending WhatsApp status’ I have ever seen till now. Question is, where the hell does it actually apply in our lives? Well, one definite place where it perfectly embodies the necessity of constant change is fitness. You see, fitness in India is currently restricted to only mainstream avenues such as running, working out, yoga, etc. What we fail to capitalize on is the diversity of other ways of getting and staying fit. That’s what we at Fitato try to preach to our clients and followers. Change is GOOD!! But sometimes our word is just not enough, so here are 5 legitimate and Scientific reasons why you as an individual should mix up your workout to get the best out of it:

  1. Prevent stagnation of body development

You see our bodies are evolved after millions of years of evolution to adapt to change. So if you run on the treadmill for 30 minutes every day for a fortnight; chances are, your body will get used to it and treat it like it’s just part of your day. Meaning, you won’t shed weight, or increase stamina, just waste 30 minutes of your day for nothing! So constant change in your workout forces your body to keep adapting to your routine, and in turn make more progress with your fitness goals!

  1. You’re NOT Usain Bolt! So stop training like him

Most of us work out to stay fit, not so we can get gold in the next 100m dash in the Olympics or to take part in the Mr. Olympia competition. What we end up doing is unnecessary routines that only stress us more, and serve no purpose to our goal. Endless cycles of monotonous reps are not only boring but also redundant. Changing up your workout makes things so much more spontaneous and fun!!! Don’t you miss having that rush of adrenaline like you did when you drove a car for the first time after only riding a bike all your life? Now, imagine that rush, but every day. That is what we at Fitato are trying to accomplish with our ethos. Scientifically speaking a more spontaneous workout makes you lose your breath faster, releasing endorphins throughout your body that help break down fat and restore muscle growth. You can find a multitude of activities to do every day, all at a single price and available to you at all times at your disposal. Fitness has never been so much fun before!!

  1. You Increase the options at hand

When you rigorously do only one activity, you tend to exhaust a particular part of your body. For example, If you have intense running sessions, chances are, after each session you need to have a couple of days of rest to let your legs recover. Now if you only stick to running, you are left with nothing to do on your rest days. But if you plan to experiment with other activities, you can try other things like yoga that do not have heavy leg involvement. This way, you get to have more training sessions, and get fitter faster!

  1. Healthy brain activity

You heard right! Constant experimentation with different ways to work out not only helps you physically but mentally as well. Learning new techniques in fitness forms like karate, MMA and Zumba involve extensive use of memory, which fires more neurons in the brain. The more the number of these neurons, the healthier the brain gets!! I bet you didn’t know that before reading this article J So what are you waiting for, get out there and make fitness your playground!

  1. Find new people to connect with

The very premise of our lives today is based on social networking. Some prime examples of this can be seen in websites like Facebook and Twitter. But one major factor that these websites lack is the physical interaction of bodies. So, what better way to find new people that share similar interests with you than to explore fitness studios in and around your area!! Using Fitato you can get one pass access to hundreds of fitness studios in your city, and help you get to know more people; in real time. Make fitness a social activity where you get to do new fun things with your friends and get healthy in the process! Download the app now

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