Oh Captain, My Captain! You may have seen us using this phrase often. Well, it’s for our Fitato Captains. Who are they, you may wonder. Well, they are the heart and soul of the Fitato Community. The leaders of the pack, they are our in-house fitness experts that bring to your fitness bundled with loads of joy.

They are in-house fitness experts who train well and train hard. And, you can rely on the for the best fitness advice and the most enjoyable fitness events around you.

And it’s time to hail the latest addition to our team of experts, Suraj Chhajed.

Introducing Fitato Captain: Suraj Chhajed

A former participant in India’s biggest talent hunt, Mr India, Suraj has been actively involved in the entertainment industry in the past. However, now he has switched gears and moved to the fitness industry as a part of his self-exploration journey.

fitato captain suraj chhajed

1) As a child, what did you want to become when you grow up?

Well, as a child I wasn’t much of a goal-driven kid. I spent most of my childhood outdoors, playing all sorts of sports with my friends. It was in the late teens, I got into modelling and discovered a new side of me. Since then, the only constant goal of my life has to be to keep exploring.

2) So what do you do when you’re not at the gym?

Well, the gym is just an aspect of my life. I do a whole lot of other things apart from that. When not trying a new fitness form, I like to spend time with my friends, colleagues, family and create memories that I can cherish for a long time.

3) Which fitness activity are you most inclined to? What inclined you to it?

Yoga and Capoeira are my two latest favourites. The primary reason for that is that I feel that they aim at holistic fitness. After each yoga session, I feel relaxed and calm. It not only keeps me physically fit but also mentally healthy. Same goes for Capoeira. It is a great stress buster for me. I feel it helps me blow off a lot of steam. And hence I prefer it.

4) What is the importance of fitness in your life?

Fitness for me is the perfect alignment of the mind, body and soul. It means when your body is free of diseases, your mind is free of worries and your soul is just free to enjoy and explore the world. That for me is fitness. So, being fit becomes of utmost importance to me.

fitato captain suraj chhajed

5) Do you follow a strict diet? What is your diet like?

I do follow a diet that says ‘Eat everything you can’. Fitness for me isn’t materialistic. If the body type is understood well, we can always enjoy simple joys of life by maintaining what’s needed and not eating anything in excess. So, indulgence is fine as long it does not turn into overindulgence.

6) How did you get to know about Fitato?

Word of mouth. A friend of mine introduced me to this community which goes around on treks and pool parties for fun and fitness and it got my attention. He told me about the concept of Fitato and Fitato community and I have been hooked to it since.

7) What do you think about the concept?

Fitato gives me the opportunity to explore different fitness activities and connect with other users. Also, being one of the city’s greatest fitness aggregator platform, I think it’s the smartest way to keep everyone’s interest as it has its unique fitness flexibilities. And the best part about them is the Fitato exclusives where we enjoy so much with the Fitato community. I loved the concept so much, that I decided to become a Fitato Captain.

8) Do you have any message for our users?

Well, it’s simple. Stay fit, stay healthy.

fitato captain suraj chhajed

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