Dieting: Are you doing it right??

To be perfectly frank, diets are highly overrated in today’s world. People need a way to lose weight and get in shape, and the easiest way out of their problems is to not eat. Because exercising can be tedious, but how hard is to not eat? All you have to do is not eat!

But do we really understand the real meaning of dieting? Is it only about eating raw fruits, and no butter or ghee. Is it only about eating broccoli and no potatoes, or is there more to it then what meets the eye? Almost all websites that you find nowadays tell you to starve yourself, or to completely stop eating some food type, but is that actually the way to go?

Here is the scientific truth about dieting:

Our body is like a machine, it works on energy; mainly in form of calories, and these calories are the things that fuel us for the day’s work. Now, if you add too much fuel to your body, it will start accumulating these calories and start expanding. This is you getting fatter and fatter by the day! Our body needs a certain amount of calories to survive every day.

Usually it’s in the range of 2000 calories for females and 2400 for males every day. Now, if you eat just that, you will have the minimal amount of body fat. But that will also hinder you from doing ANYTHING else at all because you won’t have the energy for day to day work; just enough to survive. So what is the exact science behind dieting??

Dieting works on the basic principle of “Calorific Deficit”. Meaning, you decrease your daily intake below the minimal level, i.e. 2000-2400, and you force your body to use up the already stored fat!! Hence, reducing all that extra baggage. But now, I get two questions in mind. How exactly should I go on about this deficit? And is there a correct way to do it?

Okay, the calorific deficit can be done in many ways. What we all need to understand is that fitness and the human body is very complex. We are all very unique in our own ways, and a particular way of fat loss for you might not do the same things for me. So banking on that one instructor/website that has had a butt load of people whom he has transformed might not be the best idea. We all must find our own niche and figure out what works for us.

Now, scientifically speaking, our bodies were not made to be starved. Neither are we polar bears capable of hibernating months without food, nor are we anacondas, eating once or twice a year. Our bodies were made to eat, and get nutrition off of our food. So our diet should reflect onto our nature made configurations, and help better our bodies, not wither them.

So, what is the ideal way to force our bodies to use up the fat reserves, and reduce weight? The answer is in the 5:2 rule. The 5:2 rule is a highly sought after plan that scientifically makes sense, and changes the dynamics of our body’s fueling system over larger periods of time.

See, when you buy that diet plan that Angelina Jolie follows, more often than not, it’s going to focus on your day to day calorie intakes and focus on your body on a daily intake. What the 5:2 rule does is, is that it extends the period in which you expect change from this one day, to say a fortnight or even a month. This allows your body to have time to adjust to this new change, and slowly gain momentum to burn that excess fat!

How it works

Its pretty simple actually, the rules state that for every five days that you eat normally, you take two days when you eat a quarter of your minimum calorie intake, i.e. 500-600 calories. So for every five days, you eat off the diet, there must be two days that eat on it. This provides your body with enough time to consume extra fat, and cut it down.

Bear in mind, the five days that you eat normally; you should eat a balanced diet, and not hog out like there’s no tomorrow. The diet obviously won’t work if you did, and if you exercised as well, that would be an added bonus!!

The plan also calls for a more natural diet, which excludes manufactured substances like sugars and trans fat. A more natural diet with veggies and fruits is much more reliable than anything you might buy in a supermarket.
Now, some of you might ask, why is it important that you eat a balanced diet on those five days as well? I mean, if you must cut down weight should you not also cut down on carbs and fat? NO, absolutely not!!

Our bodies, when undergoing starvation, start breaking itself down from the inside to fuel itself and not die. Everything is fine and dandy till now, but it’s important to know that your body is capable of cutting down muscle, just as it is to burn fat. So if you screw up your diet, your body might just burn up a chunk of its muscle and none of the fat! And trust me, that might reduce your weight, but its no use because you can’t accomplish much without muscle.

So, in order to streamline your body to only burn fat, you must keep fueling your muscle, so your body doesn’t mistake it for starvation fuel. If you keep building muscle (not like a bodybuilder; even you build muscle every time you use it) your body won’t mistake it for fuel. Hence, the balanced diet!

One of the major drawbacks of this diet is the fact that it works over long periods of times, and in today’s world when we want everything at the press of a button it can be quite daunting to have enough patience to wait for results to show. But if done properly, this is a scientifically proven and tested way to healthy lose fat.

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