A list on diet management in the holiday season should ideally not exist, but circumstances make it necessary for it to be. It’s the time for festivities, which means that there will be the peer pressure with glutton attached to it.

Be it, friends or family, there will be at least a few people who are going to force you to eat a little more cake. Or have another drink or eat some more of fried stuff that will essentially derail your otherwise healthy diet and hence mess up your fitness goals.

Some people (tsk. Granny) make it their personal mission to overfeed you. From personal experience, I have realised that these situations can get rather tricky. You don’t want to upset anybody and still stay with your diet.

Following are a few tactics I use to get away with avoiding unhealthy food or overeating in general.

Always plan to meet at odd hours

Between meals is the best time to plan to meet people. That way you end up meeting people for a coffee or tea and barring some accompaniment, you won’t be pressured to eat much extra.

Esha Shah on eating right Fitato

Keep your plate (or glass) full

Fill your plate with things you’d rather eat – proteins, salad, etc. When your plate is full, the chances of anyone noticing your plate and wanting to fill it up reduces. This means your granny or your aunt is not going to force you to have some more rice or another chapati. Eat at a slow pace so you enjoy what’s on your plate while others finish their meal before or with you. Tada! You’ve managed to maintain your portion size and not hurt anyone’s feelings.

Make up a ‘white lie’

You don’t want to hurt feelings and you really don’t want to eat what’s available at that party. So, you make up a little excuse that will ensure you get away with not eating. That too, without hurting the feelings of your host.

So, you could tell them that you’ve just eaten, that you have early meals. (You might also want to have an early meal so you don’t starve. You’ve eaten what’s on your meal plan and then you’re not lying.)

Esha Shah on holiday diet

Also, you could say that you’re a tad under the weather, which is a complete lie but that doesn’t offend the host. Personally, I’d rather say that than upset the host by refusing to eat at all.

Sometimes the truth works too

Try telling your host of your diet and the kind of food you’re allowed within that diet. If you tell them beforehand, maybe they’ll even offer to serve some of your preferred dishes.

Even if they don’t do that, they might at least not pressure you to have food you’d rather not. I usually tell my friends and family of my diet and they’re fine with me eating what I prefer and how much I prefer.

Make smart choices

Try and make the most from the available choices. For example, have the chicken but skip the chapati. Have more salad and skip the ice cream. Usually, it is possible to stay within the constraints of your meal plan by choosing from the available options smartly.


Esha Shah on indulgence

A little bit of indulgence never hurt anyone. While you may not want to eat everything that’s on offer at the party and as much as the host would have you eat, it won’t harm you to try some of that cake. Relax. Enjoy. It’s the festive season, after all.

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