CrossFit: The Idea

Crossfit is essentially based on one single idea of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). It works on the belief that doing higher intensity of workouts in shorter intervals is the best way to go.

Crossfit is a training program that builds strength and conditioning through extremely varied and challenging workouts.  Each day the workout will test a different part of your functional strength or conditioning, not specializing in one particular thing, but rather with the goal of building a holistic body that’s capable of practically anything and everything.

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What Sets it Apart?

One of the things that people love about Crossfit is the idea of universal scalability.  Crossfit removes the idea of variety from the fitness equation and uses the same set of movements to work for a muscle group of all ages and sizes of people that want to try Crossfit.

CF is also one of the few types of fitness techniques that is highly inclusive of its participants. Meaning you won’t be able to get far if you’re more of a solo player. It’s meant for people to work together and support each other throughout the workout. That also means that if you’re a highly specific athlete that works for a specific goal, CF might not be the thing for you. It also might not be the best thing for specialists (like powerlifters), as it a rather holistic form of fitness that requires the use of your whole body.

Is it portable?

A lot of times, people feel like substituting working out for doing something a little less intense at home. But, CF is not one of those things. Arguably, one can surely buy the things you need for having sessions at home, but CF is not just about the equipment, it’s also about the crowd, the cheering, the pump, the pain, and the correct form. CF is not a very portable routine, it’s not something that you can just start up anywhere you are, you need a specific place and time to do it to maximize its effectiveness on your body. Due to the intensity of the workouts, it is quite dangerous to perform some of the exercises unsupervised. Hence, It’s highly advised to do it in a gym itself.

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