In recent years, organizations around the world have begun to recognize the importance of a happy, healthy and stress-free workforce. Healthier employees make for more productive employees and produce better quality work. On the other hand, productivity of employees is low at a workplace which pushes it’s employees to their limits.

As a result, companies around the world have begun to deploy strategies and implement corporate wellness programs. This aims to better the health of their employees and help them lead happy, fulfilling lives.

Indian workplaces, however, are yet to latch on to this trend. The value attached to corporate wellness programs is sporadic at best. Moreover, most corporate wellness programs have proved to be grossly insufficient. Fitato’s corporate wellness program aims to tackle this problem. We host both informative, educational sessions (on diet, nutrition and lifestyle choices) and stress-relieving fitness workshops (like yoga sessions, meditation sessions, etc.) as per the company’s requirements.

The Study

A recent study conducted by ASSOCHAM (The Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India) in February 2018 came up with a number of surprising revelations:-

The survey encompassed 500 corporate employees with ages ranging from 25 to 50. It was ranged over a broad sector of industries including infrastructure, power, media, advertising, IT, etc.

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The Issue

The point to note in this study is that the problem does not lie in the unwillingness or inability of modern corporate offices to implement such programs. Rather, there is a lack of awareness about the ill-effects of poor lifestyle choices.

Most people simply do not believe that their lifestyle choices could lead to severe health problems down the road. The responses also confirm that where and when corporate wellness programs do exist, they aren’t effective in completely fulfilling their purposes.

The Solution

Fitato’s corporate wellness program aims to tackle this lack of knowledge. So, we have awareness boosting sessions on healthy lifestyle choices. Along with this, we have various events and workshops to abate prevailing stress levels in employees.

In addition to this, every single employee gets an individual Fitato Pass to themselves which they can use to workout at whatever gyms or fitness studios they want to at a time and location of their convenience. To read more about Fitato’s Corporate Wellness Program, Click Here!

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