If you have been following my blog posts, you’d have realised that I made a lot of mistakes in my fitness journey. I was obsessed with being thin, and the number 50 on the weighing was all that mattered to me.

I’d run, I’d eat junk and run some more, and that’s about it. I was working for almost 16hrs a day, my stress levels were extremely high, and before you knew it, it all came crashing down. In hindsight, I am grateful that I learnt so much through my mistakes.

Today, I want to talk about aesthetics, and why aiming for a certain look isn’t what fitness is all about. I will leave you with a personal story to make my point.

The Realisation

After 2 years of running 7km, four times a week, I entered the gym to realise benching 5kgs in total required immense strength. I was shocked. While I continued training, I slowly realised I had been treating food as my enemy, scared that I’d get “fat” if I ate and that my “abs” would disappear.  I was struggling with maintaining a work-life balance. My mental and emotional health had been ignored by me.

I went for a vacation to Europe where I had to keep the thought of weight gain at the back of my mind, and I started stuffing myself with food (pasta, pizzas, grills, steaks, everything!) When I got back, I rejuvenated mentally, physically and emotionally. I also noticed that I had got back with a better tone in my legs and abdomen.

How? My curiosity drove me towards nutrition books and white papers. I started understanding food like never before. And realized “I’ll eat what I want, as long as I burn it out” wasn’t what fitness was all about. I understood the relationship between nutrition, strength and bodybuilding.

Everyone has abdominal muscles (what we call abs). It’s the core strength that is a game changer. When you’re weight training, you’re engaging your core for almost all the exercises, which means you’re training your abdominal muscles to grow stronger.

Work on your core

So here’s what I realised- when you lose weight, you ab lines will show. Does that mean you’re fit? Hell no! THAT is just the start. Do not let that take you off track. Don’t let that give you false hopes of your strength. I am saying this from personal experience- I was weak, obsessed and SO WRONG. There is a major difference between abs and core and I want you to know that.

Point is, stop focusing so much on how your core looks, see how it FEELS! At the end of the workout, you need to be able to feel happy about it, mentally satisfied and emotionally fulfilled. Don’t punish yourself, your body will show you results. It will repay you for all the care you’ve been taking of it.

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