We know that your sole motivation for core exercises is to get those perfectly toned abs. But core exercises can do much for you. If you are someone, who trips and stumbles too often, core exercise could be a great help for you too.

Core exercises provide stability and strength. Not just that, if you are often troubled with a backache or have a slouching posture, you might want to give these core exercises a shot.

Core Exercises For Strong Core And Stability

Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift

A Romanian Deadlift targets your body’s primary balance systems namely the proprioception, vestibular, and visual systems. This is a complex exercise as you are not just doing a deadlift, you are doing the Romanian deadlift and that too on a single leg. But that’s the fun, right? Through this you can challenge your dynamic balance and tone your core and calves.

Single leg romanian deadlift
Source Credits: Muscle & Fitness

How to do a Single-leg Romanian Deadlift

  • First Step: Take a single-leg stance and hold a dumbbell in the opposite hand(optional).
  • Second Step: Bend your hips and lower your torso until it’s parallel to the floor.
  • Third Step: Pause for 5 seconds and then go back to the starting position
  • Fourth Step: Go on for 30 seconds and switch the leg and repeat.

Elbow Plank On A Stability Ball

Well, doesn’t the name say it all? If you really want to push yourself towards a strong core, you have to challenge your body. Planks are always great for the abs. And with the increased level of difficulty in an elbow plank, the results are also better. And to take it a little further, we are asking you to try it on a stability ball. This will you the added benefit of improved balance along with a strong core.

Elbow plank on stability ball

Source Credits: Muscle & Fitness

How to do an Elbow Plank On A Stability Ball

  • First Step: Kneel down on the floor with a stability ball in front of you.
  • Second Step: Extend your legs, tuck your toes and place your elbows on the ball (plank position)
  • Third Step: Hold for 30 seconds and repeat.

Side- Lunge With Front Reach

Traditional core exercises often ignore side-wards or lateral movements. Side-lunges break this trend and allow strengthening of outer and inner thighs. Coupled with a front reach, it helps to tone the core muscles and shaping your abdomen.

side lunge with front reach
Source Credits: Total Workout Fitness

How To Do A Side-Lunge With Front Reach

  • First Step: Hold a ball or kettlebell with both hands in front of your chest with feet hip-width apart.
  • Second Step: Bend right, hips down and ball pushed in front with left leg flat on the floor
  • Third Step: Push off your right feet, bring the ball back and come back to the original position.
  • Fourth Step: Do the same with your left side.

Clock On Unstable Surface

Yes, it is as difficult as it sounds. We are sure doing a single-legged clock on flat ground is not really challenging for you. So, why not try it on something unstable like a BOSU platform. Though, we recommend you try this only after you think you have aced all balancing exercises on flat ground. Also, as a precaution, stand near a wall or support while trying this.

Clock on unstable surface
Source Credits: American Fitness

How To Do A Clock On An Unstable Surface

  • First Step: Find an unstable surface and balance yourself on it.
  • Second Step: Once stable, lift one leg and rotate it clockwise (30 seconds) and anti-clockwise (30 seconds).
  • Third Step: Repeat the same with the other leg.

Quadruped Bird Dog

This exercise involves simultaneous upper and lower body movements which help in boosting your overall workout performance. Not just that, it is great for getting a good posture and shoulder stability. Most importantly, it puts exceeding pressure on your core, thereby strengthening it.

quadruped bird dog
Source Credits: Pop Sugar

How To Do A Quadruped Bird Dog

  • First Step: Get on your fours with your back straight and thighs and arms perpendicular to the floor.
  • Second Step: Simultaneously bring your right arm forward and kick your left leg straight up.
  • Third Step: Hold for 3 seconds, come back to the starting position and repeat with the other side.

We understand that these exercises are more challenging than your traditional core exercise, but pushing yourself further will only make you better. However, take small steps. Hold for shorter durations, and do less number of reps and increase them slowly. And keep challenging yourself, because until you challenge yourself, you will not realise what you are capable of becoming.

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