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Being fit isn’t just about eating right or working out. It’s a lifestyle choice. The choices we make, turn us into the people we are. These articles highlight how to live a healthy life outside of the gym.

The Definitive Guide To Restful Sleep

If you’ve ever had sleepless nights or bouts of insomnia, then you know the misery that is lying awake at night. It always feels like the harder you try to fall asleep, the more elusive…

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4 Tips To Achieve Workplace Wellness

About 50% of our waking hours are spent at the workplace. With most people clocking in more than 8 hours of work regularly, workplace wellness becomes a top priority for everyone. No matter what your…

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Building Quality Muscles: Beginner’s Approach

Gym regulars have chased the much-coveted bodybuilder physique since forever. Packing on muscle, bulking up those biceps and training for size becomes the focus of bodybuilding. But does muscle size always equate to muscle strength…

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The Fitness Revolution Started In Pune

India is not particularly identified with fitness. In general, India has a more cuisine and food-oriented connotation. There’s nothing wrong with that per say. But from a fitness point of view, India doesn’t stand much…

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