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An editorial column where our Fitato buddies talk about their journeys and the obstacles they overcame.

Check out this section to read some inspirational stories, and a learn a few things to help you on your quest to a healthier and fitter You.

Meet Our Captains: Reetu Thakoor

Fitato Captains: Fitato Captain? By now you would have heard of them. If not, well, you are going to know about them now. Fitato Captains are your neighborhood Fitness buddies, Fitness gurus and Fitness inspiration….

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Incorporating Fitness Into Your Lifestyle

If someone tells you ‘I want to get fit, man, but I really don’t have the time’, then understand two things – First of all, fitness isn’t really their priority and secondly, they aren’t actually…

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Is Your Instagram A Lie?

The harsh truth of the contemporary world is that we are caught in the endless cycle of self-hate. Instead of goals, we are driven by the feeling of insufficiency. Being a size 10 is not…

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Are Carbs Really Your Enemy?

We’ve all heard about ‘cutting carbs’ or ‘Oh no I can’t eat this, it has too many carbs!’, but what’s the truth behind carbohydrates?Are they really bad for you and how much of a place…

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