Fitato Captains:

“Fitato Captains’ is a term you might have encountered if you are associated with the Fitato family. You might have even met one of them in our exclusive events. Do you wonder who they are?

So, here’s an in-depth look at one of our captains.

Think of a fitato captain as a fitness partner or a fitness buddy. They are your friends in your quest to a healthier, fitter and stronger YOU.

So What Do They Do?

Do you feel tired and feel like skipping your workout today? Give them a call and they’ll get you right back in the zone. Not sure what to eat after a heavy CrossFit session? Not to worry, our captains are just a phone call away!

Introducing Fitato Captain: Sehej Maini

Sehej Maini is a Fitato captain staying in the vibrant area of Viman Nagar. Buzzing with youthful energy, she loves nothing more than helping people reach their health and fitness goals. She’s a self-confessed CrossFit addict and hates people who start puffing after just one flight of stairs. Our colleagues always bear the brunt of her disapproving glares whenever we look or say that we are tired.

Sehej started her fitness journey with CrossFit, which is a form of exercise which includes constantly varied functional movements performed at high-intensity.

After 10 gruelling months, she found herself getting stronger and moved to Powerlifting because that’s where her heart always was.

She took a chance and started competing professionally. And she did phenomenally well. She won two gold medals in the district level and another silver up in the state levels. She wishes to compete in the World Championship and will stop at nothing until she gets there.

Let’s Hear From Sehej Herself

1. So what was the biggest challenge you were facing when you started with Fitato?

When I first started my fitness journey, I honestly had no ultimate goal in mind. I started just because I enjoyed keeping my body active. But as time passed, and with the amount of effort I was putting in, I started expecting my body to show some difference immediately, which it didn’t! I was getting frustrated that I couldn’t see the results I wanted fast enough.

I thought I’d train every day for a month consistently and get stronger. After that, I’ll be able to learn more difficult movements like pull-ups or a handstand easily. But it took me really long to get there and I learned how to be patient eventually.

2. How do you keep yourself motivated?

When you have someone that believes in you more than you believe in yourself, it makes the entire process a lot easier!
That’s something I feel I have been blessed with. My main source of motivation is my Crossfit coach. I’ve been training under him since the beginning of my fitness journey and he constantly pushes me to work harder. There are so many great coaches in Fitato’s partner gyms and I’m sure everyone can find a coach as great as mine is.

3. So what do you do when you’re not at the gym?

I have always had a love for baking and I enjoy spending whatever spare time I get baking goodies for me and my friends. In fact, I used to work as a Pastry Chef in the Westin Hotel for a couple of months. Nowadays, however, being at the gym and working at Fitato pretty much takes up all my time. When I’m not at the gym, I ’m usually always engaged in some other sort of physical activities like swimming, trekking, running, etc. So you can see I’m pretty one-track that way.

Because I’ve started powerlifting, my diet naturally includes a high amount of protein. It’s a very general diet, easy to follow, with nothing too specific. I don’t follow a very strict diet because it’s not easy to follow them for long periods of time. However, at times, for a few days before I’m competing, I am asked to follow a particular diet, where I count every gram of macronutrients and calories that I consume. But that’s just once in a blue moon.

At the end of the day, whether I’m following a diet plan or not, I’m in general quite conscious about what I eat. My body doesn’t feel right when I eat junk food. It affects my performance too. But that being said, I enjoy all the food I eat. It is a personal choice that I’ve made to eat clean and it’s been working great for me!

5. Where do you see yourself in a few years?

Well, that’s a really tough question to answer! A few years back in the past, I didn’t know that I’d be here today. So you can see why the future seems so uncertain. But if everything goes well, I see myself representing my country in the Powerlifting World Championship and bringing home the gold. Apart from that, I want to do everything I can to make us a healthier and fitter nation!

6. So how did you get to learn about fitato?

So, there was a lot of buzz on social media about this, “one app which is your one-stop fitness pass.” I was intrigued and then I saw that with one pass only, I could go to whichever gym I wanted and try out all the activities I wanted to do, but couldn’t do before because I couldn’t afford to buy individual gym memberships at all the gyms I wanted to go to.

7. How have you been using your Fitato Pass?

I’ve been using it to the fullest. I’ve tried out a number of different gyms like Golds, Talwalkars, Evolve and FirstFit and I’m planning to check out a lot more.
With Fitato, I’ve travelled extensively around the city and tried my hand at a lot of different activities like Zumba, yoga, functional training and even martial arts. I tried out this really cool form of Brazilian martial arts called Capoeira. It was insanely fun and I would like to recommend it to everyone.

8. What do you think about this concept?

It’s the best way to kill monotony. I mean, let’s face it, going to the same gyms and doing the same things every time gets boring and you’ll probably end up not going anymore. This app really helps people with not giving up on their fitness goals.
Whenever you get bored, you can just try something new, which makes it very exciting.

9. Do you have any message you want to share with the rest of our users?

Use your membership to the fullest! Don’t restrict yourself by going to a single gym, explore all the options around you! I’m sure you’ll have a world of fun! Don’t be scared of trying something new and different. Be excited about it!! You’ll learn what your body is capable of and you’ll end up surprising yourself every time you try something new.

From being a Fitato customer, myself to becoming a Fitato Captain and then motivating others and changing people’s lives for the better, it’s been a very very exciting journey!

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  1. Avatar MILAP MARNE June 3, 2019 at 12:03 AM

    Best luck n keep going with goal my wishes n BLESSINGS r with u…..


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