More often than not, you would have heard us boasting about our wonderful “Fitato Captains”. And you would wonder, who really are they?

Well, Fitato Captains are your fitness guides. From amazing fitness tips or fun fitness events, they have information about it all. They are also your neighborhood fitness enthusiasts who can give you serious fitness goals.

It’s high time you know more about them. Here’s all about our Captain Ritika, your friendly neighborhood Strong by Zumba expert.

PCMC’s Fitato Captain: Ritika Narwariya

A certified POP PILATES & STRONG BY ZUMBA Instructor, Ritika is crazy about staying fit and working out. Before choosing the path of fitness, she had two addictions: Food and Shopping. Once she shifted to a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy took over her love for food but she continues to be a shopaholic.

1) As a child, what did you want to become when you grow up? 

We all had some childhood fantasies and whatever seemed interesting we wanted to become that. I thought of becoming a doctor then a fashion designer then worked as an engineer and finally turned out to be a Fitness Instructor.

2) So what do you do when youโ€™re not at the gym?

I watch movies at home, cook, eat, look for some good workout videos on youtube. Since I’m a shopaholic, I have a habit of going through my wishlists regularly. So, yeah spend a lot of time on shopping apps.

3) Which fitness activity are you most inclined to? What inclined you to it?

Since I’m a pop pilates & SBZ instructor I tend to practice them a lot. Apart from these, I’ve tried Zumba, Yoga, Piloxing, weight training, Functional training(love it).

4) Do you follow a strict diet? What is your diet like?

I used to eat a lot. Almost everything (excluding non-veg). I love food. A few months back thought of trying the low carb diet (no roti, no rice, no bread, noodles, pasta). But, again I’ve started eating carbs. I don’t have a sweet tooth so don’t like sweet food that much (but crave for Hot chocolate & Choco Lava Cake).

5) What is the one thing that you absolutely hate to deal with in your daily life?

Money crisis after a lot of shopping & the dilemma of what to cook for lunch/dinner.

6) How do you use your Fitato pass?

Fitato pass has opened a world of fitness opportunities for me. I always thought of attending a live Zumba class. Never been to one. I just watched the videos. It became possible due to Fitato. I’ve tried Piloxing, functional training, Yoga with Fitato.

7) Do you have any message for our users?

People usually get stuck in their comfort zone. They ignore the most important thing in their life due to the sedentary lifestyles, their Health. You just need to push yourself a bit and you’ll be amazed to see what your body can do!

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