Fitato Captains:

Fitato Captain? By now you would have heard of them. If not, well, you are going to know about them now.

Fitato Captains are your neighbourhood Fitness buddies, Fitness gurus and Fitness inspiration. They are also your messengers to for all latest news about Fitato Exclusive events.

Time to know another one of them.

Kothrud’s Fitato Captain: Reetu Thakoor

Reetu is our Captain in the Kothrud area. She absolutely loves meeting new people and motivating them.

Reetu is extremely passionate about exercise and fitness. She enjoys working with other people and loves the idea of guiding and helping others to become healthier and fitter.

Let’s Hear From Reetu Herself

1. How do you keep yourself motivated every day? What keeps you going and gives you strength?

I have seen the journey from being fat to fit, it’s my passion to workout. Fitato gave me the freedom to get my daily workout done irrespective of where I was in the city. Allowed me to go for different activities without breaking the bank. In other gyms, working out is just that “WORK”, but Fitato makes fitness fun with its various events.

2. As a child, what did you want to become when you grow up?

As a kid, I always wished to become a TV anchor. I guess informing people and making them aware is what I firmly value.

3. So what do you do when you’re not at the gym?

When not at the gym, am running behind my 5-year old son. Yes, I am a mother. And my little one occupies most of my time.

4. Which fitness activity are you most inclined to? What inclined you to it?

I am most inclined towards Functional training. This is mainly because it targets and improves the core muscles and helps provide me with the strength, stability, and mobility needed to thrive in life.

5. What is the importance of fitness in your life?

Fitness helps me stay active. As a young mother, you need that a lot. At the same time, it helps me maintain a healthy weight. And most importantly, it makes me feel good about myself.

6. What is your biggest fear? What about it scares you?

I fear nothing as much as I fear to get overweight. I have faced the challenges of being overweight in the past. The struggle is real. I had trouble performing day-to-day activities. I always fear going back into that state again.

7. How did you get to know about Fitato?

An existing member of Fitato told me about the concept. I downloaded the app just to see what it is all about. But after experiencing it for a while, I knew this could be my fitness solution. I have stuck to it ever since.

8. How do you use your Fitato pass?

I use my pass to actively seek out new activities and explore different fitness centres. I just can’t let myself get bored of fitness and Fitato serves as a perfect partner in the process.

9.  Do you have any message for our users?

I would just like to tell everyone that Fitness is not a destination, it is a way of life! The sooner we all realise it, the healthier and happier we will be.

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