If you have some familiarity with Fitato, you’d have probably heard about ‘Fitato Captains’. You may have run into them at our Community Workouts and Exclusive Events. If you are wondering who ‘Fitato Captains’ really are, all we have to say is that they are our in-house fitness experts.

They offer you workout advice, nutritional tips and are more than happy to give you a few words of motivation you when you’re feeling low. They’ll also keep you updated with the latest Fitato Community Workouts and Fitato Exclusive events (treks, camping trips, comedy nights, karaoke events, etc.) which are happening in and around your area.

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NIBM/Wanowrie’s Fitato Captain: Mallika Rathod

Mallika Rathod is always high on life, free-spirited, outspoken and brave enough to ask the most outrageous of questions with her cute and crooked smile. She’s got her own yoga practice. Mallika is one of our most energetic captains who is present at almost every event. This new-age Yogi makes sure she livens up everybody’s day wherever she goes.

A Business Graduate-turned-Urban Yogi, Mallika has left her mark in the World of Yoga within a short span of two years. This can be credited to her undeterred dedication to the form, and her understanding that Yoga is all about fitness of the mind, body and soul.

Mallika’s courage and her love of trying new things push her forward.

Mallika Fitato

Mallika has always been very impulsive and has always found the road less travelled to be more rewarding. 

Let’s Hear From Mallika Herself

How do you keep yourself motivated every day? What keeps you going and gives you strength?

I too wonder sometimes what the source of my motivation is. To nail it down, I think it is the realisation of “why I do what I do” is what keeps me going and gives me the strength to strive for better. I believe everyone needs to find their “why” to keep going.

I do have a few tricks to keep myself in high spirits at all times. First of all, is, of course, Netflix and a glass of wine. Then I like to get into action. I walk, run, do Yoga or go for a trek. Another trick that works for me is to clean. I organise my desk, wash clothes or arrange my cupboard.

As a child, who did you want to be when you grow up?

As a child, I was very playful and enthusiastic. You’d often find me running from one corner to the other, playing, collecting bugs, drawing. I’d rarely stay in a place for more than 10 minutes. Just like me, my dreams also remained versatile and flexible. Someday, I’d want to be an ice-cream seller, someday an astronaut and somedays a circus ringmaster.

While my dreams kept changing, what remained constant is the belief that I’d do something that will bring me and those around me joy.

How has yoga impacted you as a person? How are you different from who you used to be a few years back?

My experience with Yoga was, is and will always be a spiritual one. Each day, Yoga helps me become a better version of what I was the day before.

Yoga has helped me love myself and accept myself for who I am. I have been suffering from mental health issues due to several incidents from my past. They had left me with a constant feeling of self-doubt, fear and guilt. Ever since I have started my Yoga journey, I have been in better terms with myself and my insecurities. I have learned to take care of myself. I make a constant effort to pay attention to my physical as well as mental health.

Whenever a bad mood or depressing thoughts grip me, I just let myself free by immersing myself in soulful yoga flows. Which is why my favourite quote around is I bend to light the darkest corners of my body and align my soul!”

What made you choose Yoga and how did you feel about your decision?

Yoga happened to me by accident. I didn’t really have a set goal when I started my fitness journey. All I knew was that I wanted to try something new. Choosing Yoga was a liberating experience for me. I experienced a sense of freedom, appreciation and success. I was finally at ease with myself.

What is it that you enjoy the most in life? What gives you joy?

I feel that nature and its beauty brings me the most joy. A beautiful moon lighting up the sky and or a gorgeous canopy providing shade. Apart from that, my favourite getaway is reading books, listening to stories, and experiencing a new adventure every day. I also feel that experiencing and sharing gratitude is the purest form of joy!

mallika fitato

What is something that you absolutely hate having to deal with in your daily life? 

More than cleaner roads I believe we need a cleaner and a clearer mindset. People’s mentality needs to change. All of us need to be a lot more compassionate and empathetic towards one another. Of course, there’s a lot of suffering in the world, but I feel it can be a lot lesser if we look a little deeper and form better relationships with ourselves and the people around us!

How did you learn about Fitato?

Well, that’s a really interesting story. I heard about it through another passenger in a cab while I was coming back to Pune from Mumbai!
And then, just in a week or two of using it, I was approached by Aditya and asked to be a Fitato captain.

How have you been using your Fitato Pass?

Even as a Yoga practitioner, I still go to the gym, attend Zumba where I struggle the most with all those hip-hop moves. I also make it a point to go and do Functional Training sometimes.

I always prefer company. So I used my Fitato pass to enjoy group workouts. My favourite workouts are resistance band sessions for the upper body, step deck workout for cardio, aerial silk, acrobats at the primate movement and yoga obviously.

Mallika Fitato

Do you have a message you want to share with the rest of our users?

Stop taking your life so seriously. Take a pause, give yourself some time and refresh yourself. The first step is to take charge of your mind and your body. The rest will take care of itself.


  1. Avatar Akki September 7, 2019 at 11:40 AM

    Captain Malika slaying it , She described the ultimate relationship between mind nd body which is really working to me . such a inspiring nd active captain surely i want to attaind one of his class

  2. Avatar SAIF ALKHADHER SALEH ALI November 14, 2019 at 4:38 AM

    I would like to be join this team


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