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If you have been using Fitato for some time now, you must’ve heard about “Fitato Captains’. You might have run into them in one of our exclusive events, or they might have talked to you in one of our WhatsApp groups. You must have wondered who our captains are and what they do!

They will offer you workout advice, nutritional tips and are more than happy to give you a few words of motivation you when you’re feeling low. They’ll also keep you updated with the latest Fitato Exclusive events (treks, camping trips, comedy nights, karaoke events, etc.) which are happening in and around your area.

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Introducing Fitato Captain: Mallika Rathod

Mallika Rathod is always high on life, free-spirited, outspoken and brave enough to ask the most outrageous of questions with her cute and crooked smile. She’s got her own yoga practice and is one of our most energetic captains who is present at almost every event. This new-age Yogi makes sure she livens up everybody’s day wherever she goes.

She believes our fate lies within ourselves and you only have to muster up some courage to see it! Her courage and her love of trying new things keep pushing her forward.

She’s always been very impulsive and has always found the road less travelled to be more rewarding. 

Yoga makes her feel awake and in-tune with the world around. And at that moment she swears she feels infinite, free from anything and everything that troubled her in the past.

Let’s Hear From Mallika Herself

1. How do you keep yourself motivated every day? What keeps you going and gives you strength?
Well, the thing is, I’m just as lazy as everyone else but the very idea that every day, I get to teach this beautiful art (yoga) and practice and learn it myself is immensely satisfying. It’s not just satisfying, it’s inspiring, and it gives me all the strength I need.

As a yoga teacher, the most rewarding part about it seeing real changes in everybody who comes to my yoga class and in my own self. We’re getting better every day!

2. As a child, who did you want to be when you grow up?

As a child, I always wanted to be a circus master! Really!
I wanted to be was a leader, who could put up a spectacular performance and lead a glamorous lifestyle. I guess I still wish to be like that, like a circus master, but in my own way!

3. How has yoga impacted you as a person? How are you different from who you used to be a few years back?

Yoga completely turned my life around and saved me! I’m a much better version of myself than I was yesterday!

I used to be so clumsy in the past. And I couldn’t move on from incidents which used to haunt me. Sorrow, guilt, and anxiety used to follow me around all the time. I still struggle with these emotions, but yoga lets me embrace these imperfect parts of myself and makes me feel complete and whole. I feel more proud of myself than ever before!

A yoga quote which I really relate to is, I bend to light the darkest corners of my body, and align my soul!”

4. What was it like doing something like this so suddenly?

I remember people mocking me, saying I was turning into a hippie. And I guess in a way, I sort of did. I experienced freedom, acknowledgement, success in my own way and a feeling that I was entirely at ease with myself. Experiencing all of this, all at once was pure, beautiful and authentic!

5. What is it that you enjoy the most in life? What gives you joy?

It’s the little things in life actually, finding beauty in the small details— like the way a moon looks on a certain night, and trees – trees which form a canopy over a road. Yoga makes me more in-tune with my surroundings and more appreciative of everything.

I also feel that receiving and giving gratitude is the purest form of joy!

6. What is something that you absolutely hate having to deal with in your daily life? 

More than cleaner roads I believe we need a cleaner and a clearer mindset. People’s mentality needs to change. All of us need to be a lot more compassionate and empathetic towards our fellow human beings. Of course, there’s a lot of suffering in the world, but I feel it can be a lot lesser if we look a little deeper and form better relationships with ourselves and the people around us!

7. How did you learn about Fitato?

Well, that’s a really interesting story. I heard about it through another passenger in a cab while I was coming back to Pune from Mumbai!
And then, just in a week or 2 after using it, I was approached by Karan and asked to be a Fitato captain.

8. How have you been using your Fitato Pass?

Even as a Yoga practitioner, I still go to the gym, attend Zumba where I struggle the most with all those hip-hop moves. I also make it a point to go and do Functional Training sometimes.

My next challenge is to go swimming so I can overcome my fear of water! I love how I can use this app to do all the things I never thought I could do!

9. Do you have a message you want to share with rest of our users

Stop taking your life so seriously! Take a pause, give yourself some time and refresh yourself.
The first step is to take charge of your mind and your body. The rest, the universe will take care of itself!

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