Are you looking for a top-class gym or fitness centre in Kondapur to work out in? Are you finding it difficult to judge the quality of a facility based on one visit or a single trial class. Well, worry not.

We have curated a list of gyms and fitness centres that provide best-in-class services. These facilities have passed the Fitato test with flying colours in all aspects namely- infrastructure, equipment, instructors, hospitality, hygiene and ambience.

So, find the facility that suits your workout style and start your fitness journey now.

360 Degree Fitness

360 Degree Fitness one of the top-class gyms in Kondapur with branches available all across the city of Hyderabad. Spread over an area of 10,000 square feet, 360 Degrees is a spacious facility that provides a comfortable space for training.

To top that, they offer a variety of workouts like group classes, Zumba, kickboxing, personal training, hardcore training, boot camps, yoga, nutrition counselling and even a cafe with healthy food and beverage options.  If you are the type that likes to try different workouts, 360 Degree is a great place for you.

360 Degree Fitness
Source: 360 Degree Fitness

Leads Fitness

Leads Fitness is one of those gyms which has sufficient number of instructors to cater and tend to all its customers. So, you wouldn’t be left to figure out your workout. Rather you would be supported and assisted at all times to get the best outcome.

In addition to that, Leads Fitness offers a lot of variety when it comes to gym equipment. You will never have to wait to get hold of weight bar you wish to lift or a machine you wish to workout on.

Leads Fitness
Source: Leads Fitness

Fit and Fit Fitness Studio

Fit and Fit Fitness Studio is one of the most popular gyms in Kondapur due to its excellent range of equipment. It provides best-in-class equipment to aid your fitness goals. To top that, the hygiene of the place is impeccable.

What we love the most is that Fit and Fit Fitness Studio is one of those studios which is open round the year. It, therefore, is the perfect fit for those who don’t like to take a break from their fitness goals.

Fit and Fit Fitness Studio
Source: Fit and Fit Fitness Studio

Anahata Yoga Zone

If Yoga is your style of working out, then Anahata Yoga Zone is the best place for you in Kondapur. The place offers unique and creative yoga flows with the right amount of difficulty. All the sessions are challenging yet exciting for customers to enjoy every morning.

The credit for Anahata’s popularity goes to its experienced instructors. They bring in a lot of variety in the classes to make the workout exciting for the customers. Customers often feel motivated and refreshed after a session there.

Anahata Yoga Zone
Source: Anahata Yoga Zone

Saad Studio

Saad Studio is what we can call as a complete package. If you are looking for a dance class in different dance forms, Saad studio is the place to go. It offers classes in dance forms like hip-hop, freestyle, Bollywood, Tollywood, contemporary, salsa, locking, break etc. If you are looking for engaging Zumba and Crossfit sessions, Saad is the place you should head to.

It makes its way to our list because the place is full of enthusiasm. The place has dedicated instructors that always keep the place lively and energetic. So, Saad studio is the perfect place for someone looking to make fitness fun.

Saad Studio
Source: Saad Studio

And if you wish to have the flexibility to workout in all of these amazing facilities, then download the Fitato App.

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