If you reside in or near Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad and are looking to start your fitness journey, here’s the solution to all your worries. The decision to look for the best fitness facility that fits your workout style, is accessible at timings convenient to you and has good infrastructure and hygiene can be a cumbersome task.

To make the choice easier for you, we have curated a list of best gyms and fitness facilities in your area a.k.a Jubilee Hills. These facilities have engaging fitness activities, expert trainers and best-in-class infrastructure.

Find out the best facility for you in through this list:

F45 Training, Film Nagar

F45 is not just the best facility in Jubilee Hills, it is famous all over Hyderabad as one of the best places for functional training. Also, it conducts an intense 45-minute workout that allows customers to gain benefits that would normally be reaped after a two-hour session.

Not just that, F45 has some of the most exceptional trainers who strive to serve and support each customer’s fitness goals. However, what we love the most there are the amazing vibes that the place has.

Source: F45 training

Soul Fitness

Soul Fitness is a top-notch gym with state-of-the-art equipment and internationally qualified trainers. It is not only one of the best gyms in Jubilee Hills but one of the best gyms in Hyderabad.

The gym has equipment from top brands like Precor and Life Fitness. To top that, it also has an amazing spa where you could head to post your workout. You can also avail personal training sessions with some of the best trainers in the area and get expert counselling for your fitness goals.

soul fitness hyderabad
Source: Soul Fitness

Beats Fitness Studio

As the name suggests, Beats is your go-to place if you want to dance your way through fitness. Also, Beats Fitness Studio provides one of the best Zumba classes in all of Hyderabad. Their Zumba classes have the right energy, are well-choreographed and fun to participate in.

You may be surprised to know that it is also considered as one of the best places in Hyderabad to try out functional training as well. It is on our list of favourites because of its energetic aura and impeccable hygiene.

beats fitness studio hyderabad
Source: Beats Fitnes Studio

Yoga Infinity

Yoga Infinity is our choice as one of the best facilities in Jubilee Hills. It is also our recommendation as one of the best Yoga facilities in all of Hyderabad. The renowned Yoga guru Bharat Thakur himself has trained the instructor there. Yoga Infinity aims at teaching holistic wellness of mind, body and soul.

The facility is well-maintained and quite spacious. The trainers strive to understand the mindset and the body type of individuals. It is a great option for those looking to try Yoga.

yoga infinity
Source: Yoga Infinity

Virtu Fitness

Virtu Fitness is one of the best places to try functional training in Hyderabad. It earns the place due to its high-intensity training focussed on building stamina.

It has one of the best infrastructures required for functional training that we’ve come across. To top that, it has experts that are constantly pushing you towards your fitness goals. If you are serious about getting fit, you should try it out.

virtu fitness hyderabad

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