Starting on a fitness journey can be tasking. The first step towards it is finding a gym that matches your requirements. This gym must also be closer to your home or work based on when you wish to train. To top all this, you also have to be sure that it has good trainers, best-in-class equipment and is hygienic.

Yes, that’s a lot to take care of but worry not, we’ve have made this cumbersome task much easier for you. If your work or home is in Banjara Hills, your search ends here.

These are Fitato certified top-class gyms in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

House of Champions

House of Champions is not just one of the best gyms in Banjara hills but it is one of the best gyms in all of Hyderabad. Branded equipment, spacious, clean environment, expert trainers — this gym doesn’t fall short in any respect.

It also has one of the best trainers we know. Salman ensures that he is there to motivate, support and build endurance in all of the gym’s members. If you are looking to train under experts, this is where you must be.

House of Champions
Source: House Of Champions

Ozone Fitness

Ozone Fitness is what we call the perfect package. It has great infrastructure and equipment, is very well-maintained and always clean. And their staff is as helpful and supportive as they can be.

But what makes it stand out is the variety of group activities that it offers making working out there so exciting. We, at Fitato, are proud of Ozone Fitness as they make fitness really fun. And that’s why it is also our choice as one of the best gyms in all of Hyderabad.

ozone fitness banjara hills
Source: Ozone Fitness

Fitness Freak

Fitness Freak is a place is proud to share results. Its customers are often satisfied with the effective results that they get there. They are most known for their functional training, which is why they are one of the best places to try functional training in entire Hyderabad.

The training is even effective for those who have hit a plateau in their progress. And this is only possible because of their highly experienced and devoted trainers and best-in-class equipment. And so, Fitness Freak has to be in our list of best gyms in Banjara Hills.

fitness freak hyderabad
Source: Fitness Freak

Azzu’s Gym

Azzu’s Gym has always been appreciated the most of its exceptional trainers who are devoted to your fitness transformation. The owner, Azzu himself is a sculptor and masters the art of body transformation.

If you wish to stay focussed and dedicated to your fitness goals, see results and get better, you must head to Azzu’s Gym. And did we mention, they have the best equipment you can find.

Roy’s Dumbbell And Dreams

Just like all the others in this list, Roy’s Dumbells And Dreams, too, is a perfect package for those serious about fitness. It has great equipment and gets a 10/10 for hygiene. It has a lot of facilities to provide you with and make fitness engaging for you.

And not to mention the amazingly devoted and professional trainers that the place has. They will grind you, push you and motivate you to become a better version of yourself everyday.

roy's dumbbell and dreams
Source: Roy’s Dumbbell and Dreams

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