If you are looking to get fit and happen to stay or live around Madhapur area in Hyderabad, you have reached the right place. Whenever someone starts their fitness journey, proximity and quality become two primary parameters to judge a facility for.

Well, for those in Madhapur, looking for a best-in-class gym or fitness facility near them, we have specially curated a list with facilities that have passed the Fitato test with flying colours.

Here are the best gyms and fitness studios in Madhapur.

BCube Big Bang Boxing

If your work or home is near Madhapur and you want to give MMA a try, BCube Big Bang Boxing is your best shot. It is one of the best MMA studios in all of Hyderabad.
Boxing isn’t just about fighting, it’s a complete full-body workout. Training for boxing involves jumping ropes, sparring, and of course weight training. Not just that, it builds your core strength, enhances cardiovascular stamina and of course, it tones your muscles too. And BCube Big Bang Boxing is the best place to try this workout.

BCube Big Bang Boxing
BCube Big Bang Boxing

Krish Fitness

Krish Fitness is indeed one of the best places to workout in Madhapur. They not only have a lot of variety in equipment, but all of it is top-class in quality too. To top that, their trainers are experienced and leave no stones unturned in helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Krish fitness also stands out in terms of hygiene. Moreover, their staff and managers ensure that the place is kept clean and sanitized at all times. They also keep the place lively and energetic at all times by playing motivating peppy workout music.

krish fitness
Source: Krish Fitness

HY Dance Studio

HY Dance Studio is one of the most famous studios in Hyderabad. It has proficient trainers and a fun-loving crowd. The classes there are not only well-paced for beginners to start their fitness journey, but also challenging enough for experienced dancers to hone their skills.

Their Zumba classes are one of the best Zumba classes in all of Hyderabad. And what really stands out is the passion for dance and fitness in every instructor which they try to instil in everyone who attends their classes.

hy dance studio
Source: HY Dance Studio

Akhil’s Fitness World

Equipped with branded and supreme quality equipment, Akhil’s Fitness World is one of the most sought after gym in Madhapur. The facility’s steam bath and shower services are well-maintained and extremely clean.

Also, their trainers are fitness experts who guide you through your workout to help you get positive results. Their hospitality is often praised and loved by their clients.

Akhil's Fitness World
Source: Akhil’s Fitness World

Season’s Indoor Swimming Pool

For those in Madhapur, looking to get fit and find an escape for the scorching heat, Season’s Indoor Swimming Pool is the best fitness facility. It is one of the top-rated swimming pools in all of Hyderabad. Swimming is a great exercise to shape your body and a great way to relax too.

And, Season’s swimming pool is one of the most hygienic swimming pool in your area. And what’s even better is that it provides amazing activities beyond just regular swimming like Aqua Zumba and Aqua Yoga which make fitness fun for you.

Seasons Swimming Pool, Madhapur
Source: Seasons Swimming Pool

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