Going to a gym is kind of similar to going to work. If you don’t enjoy it there, your motivation would die out soon. So it is essential that you find a place where you love working out to be successful on your fitness journey.

To make this task easier for you, we have curated a list of the finest gyms and fitness facilities in Manikonda, Hyderabad. These facilities excel in all aspects including infrastructure, trainer support and hygiene. Also, they are highly successful in making fitness fun, a must have, according to us.

So here’s a list of the best gyms and fitness facilities in Manikonda, Hyderabad:

Mettle The Gym

Mettle The Gym gets five-stars from its customers almost every time for their amazing ambience, well-planned infrastructure and impeccable hygiene. But what really makes them stand out is their experienced and zealous trainers who stop at nothing while supporting the customers on their fitness journey.

From customised exercise programmes to customised diets, they offer everything that can help you in achieving your fitness goals. And most importantly, they offer fitness motivation that does not allow you to get dejected at any moment on your fitness journey.

Mettle The Gym
Source: Mettle The Gym

AB Fitness Gym Pro

AB Fitness Gym Pro stands out because of its infrastructure. First of all, it has a separate section for cardio and weights which is very spacious and well-ventilated. Then, it has a section for fitness and circuit training equipped with ropes, step-ups and all sorts of circuit training equipment for you to use.

And along with that, they have one of the most supportive and polite trainers that we’ve come across. They guide you during the sessions and provide pro-tips after them. You can always count on them to make your workout challenging yet fun.

AB Fitness Gym Pro
Source: AB Fitness Gym Bro

Fitness Reloaded

Fitness Reloaded is the best choice for those looking for variety in their workouts. They obviously have a cardio and weights section. But beyond that they have amazing yoga, zumba and aerobics classes conducted by expert trainers in groups.

But our favourite is their abs class. If you wish to get rid of your belly fat or get the perfect abs, you must try this. They are well-structured and have exercises designed specifically on building and shaping your core. Also, they have exclusives classes for women too.

Fitness Reloaded
Source: Fitness Reloaded

Wild Iron The Gym

Wild Iron gets on this list for its perfect environment. You just can’t feel mellow or tired at this facility. With energetic music and pumped up trainers that keep boosting your spirits, Wild Iron is the perfect choice for those who need an extra nudge on their fitness journey.

Their trainers keeping pushing you to challenge yourself and try harder. At the same time, they support you with their expert fitness guidance and workout and nutrition tips. The place has best-in-class equipment and is very spacious too.

Wild Iron The Gym
Source: Wild Iron The Gym

Rise And Shine Studio

If you are done with the traditional gym and don’t want to work with machines and weights, Rise And Shine Studio is your best choice. It has amazing dance, Zumba and Aerobics classes that are full of energy and enthusiasm.

Customers feel refreshed and active after every class and are never bored of the choreography as the trainer ensure to bring something new to the table every day. What’s more enjoyable that these classes are so fun that customers often feel de-stressed post their sessions. So, if you want to enjoy and workout at the same time, head there.

Rise and Shine Studio
Source: Rise and Shine

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