MMA, or mixed martial arts, has become one of the fastest growing sports in the world. It has a growing base in India and classes have sprung up to cater to this. Rather than learning a single martial art (karate, jiu-jitsu, taekwondo, boxing, wrestling, or judo), MMA combines all of them and eliminates their weaknesses.

Here are some very good benefits of MMA to take it up:

1. It’s a great cardio workout

Boxing, wrestling or any other form of a physical contact sport are considered a great form of cardio. Combine all these together, and you’ll have a workout that can’t be matched by any amount of time spent on a treadmill. By enhancing the function of your heart and lungs, you slowly build up endurance and stamina.

2. It’s a great strength workout, too!

The various styles in mixed martial arts target all your major muscle groups, instead of focusing on just one body part at a time (such as abs or legs). You’ll need to work out your upper and lower body as well make sure you can go through the motions for each technique. You’ll increase core strength, which not only protects against issues like osteoporosis but also makes carrying your groceries much easier!

3. It has variety

While variety in workouts is always a good thing, MMA gives you variety within a single workout. Instead of focusing on just one type of martial art, you’re constantly learning the motions and techniques associated with several of them at once.

4. You meet like-minded people

MMA is not a sport for the weak. You’re more likely than not to find MMA classes full of people who are dedicated to fitness and health. As a newbie, you get to learn a lot; as someone more experienced, you find people with similar interests to talk as well as spar with!

5. It can lead to stress relief

Exercise is a proven stress reliever, releasing hormones that make you feel good. A long, hard workout can take your mind off whatever is bothering, and after it’s over, you don’t have space in your head for anything except sore muscles and your bed.

6. It can release pent-up frustration and aggression

MMA goes one step beyond stress relief as well. Had your professor turned down an assignment? Throw a few punches and imagine it’s their face you’re hitting. Had a bad day at work? Do a long sparring session and imagine it’s your annoying co-worker you’re punching. (Disclaimer: At no point should you apply your training to them in real life. No matter how tempting it is.)

7. It’ll teach you to be disciplined

MMA, more than any almost any other sport, will teach you to treat your mind and body right. Training, sleep, and nutrition are essential to undergo the rigorous workout. Before you know it, sleeping 8 hours a night and eating healthy will be part of your routine!

8. It’ll make you confident

The ability to know you can physically defend yourself in case of an attack is a huge confidence builder. Being aware that you can break an arm or punch someone unconscious can make you much more relaxed and calmer during a confrontation. More importantly, it can make you realize that walking away from one might be a better idea.

9. It’s the best form of self-defense


Most of us don’t walk around expecting to be attacked any minute, but it’s always a possibility. The ability to defend yourself against thieves, muggers, or anyone who’s trying to harm you is invaluable. Although a lot of people try to paint MMA as a men’s only club, women, more than anyone, can benefit from learning MMA for self-defense. Being a fighter could even save your life in some situations!

10. It increases your self-respect

The combination of confidence and competition can lend a huge boost to one’s self-respect. You’ll not only learn to think of yourself as a more capable, strong and well-balanced person, you’ll be considered one by others as well.

As the last word though, MMA isn’t an easy workout. Always find yourself a good trainer and take the necessary precautions to avoid injuries.

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