Do you workout alone and secluded with no known faces to chat around with? Well, you might say that you enjoy working out with music plugged in without having to give a squat about the person next to you. While you may enjoy this for now, there’s a possibility that your motivation to workout dwindles over time due to sheer lack of company at the gym.

On the other hand, group workouts are often more fun, engaging and can be a regular source of motivation. Haven’t you witness it yourself? People who workout together often become each other’s alarms, they push each other to complete that last challenging set of their workout and are there to celebrate every tiny success that they make, together.

Not just that, your are more likely to make better progress towards your fitness goals when you workout in a group. Here are a few reasons why group workouts are more beneficial than solo workouts.

Benefits Of Group Workouts

Ensures Consistency

Whether you hit the gym with your own squad or find buddies at group classes, you are likely to find bundles of motivation along with. Friends don’t let friends skip workouts. They become your alarm and even your source of pep talk.

Not just that, you yourself become more accountable when you go for group workouts. Before even thinking of skipping a class, you think of what you would say to your instructor or the buddy you work out next to. And you know they would see through your lame excuses. So, you’d rather not skip.

Not just that, your progress will become their progress and they will share and celebrate it with you, further motivate you to go on and strive for better. All this together will ensure consistency and increase your dedication towards your training.

fitato community workout
A Fitato Community Workout With Captain Mallika

At least this is what we experience in Fitato Community Workouts. (Try one for free now. Register here. Every week we have community workouts and Fitato Exclusive Events that keep us motivated and dedicated towards fitness.

Ensures Right Workout

Group workouts always have instructors that lead the class. This has twin benefits. First of all, it ensures that your workout is well-structured with a warm-up, balanced workout and a cooling down session. As a result, your workout becomes adequate and disciplined and you benefit more from it.

fitato community workout
Fitato Captain Mallika Ensuring Right Form

Secondly, due to the presence of an instructor at all times, he or she ensures you perform exercises in their right form. This prevents any workout related injuries and leads to a beneficial workout.

Improves Your Mental Health

According to research published in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, stress levels of people who workout in group settings are lowered by 26% more than those who work out alone.

fitato community workout
Group Workouts Boost Mood

You may be aware that working out releases endorphins which lift your mood. This is because being surrounded by friends while working out boosts this release and makes you more relaxed. And who doesn’t feel happy being surrounded by friends?

Makes Fitness Fun And Challenging

This is the best part of working out in groups. Any activity gets more exciting when you get to enjoy it with friends and family. Working out doesn’t feel like a daunting task when you are having fun. For instance, we recently had a fitness pool party- Fitato Fitness Fiesta. And trust us, even though it was filled with challenging workouts, lined up one after the other, for almost four hours, we barely felt fatigued.

fitato fitness fiesta
Making Fitness Fun At Fitato Fitness Fiesta

Not just that, working out with others, let’s you try challenging workout styles that you would usually hesitate to try out alone. For instance, a lot of Fitato Members tried Aerial Yoga for the first time with their friends.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your squad along and make fitness more fun and beneficial. And not just that, avail amazing group discounts on Fitato membership with Exclusive Fit Squad Offers. Know more about them here.

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