Have you ever joined a new gym and immediately regretted the decision? This happens to a lot of people as they feel self-conscious about everything happening around in the gym. It’s important for you to overcome your insecurities and never letting them keep you from achieving your fitness goals.
The only thing you need to remember is why you joined a gym; you want to become a better and healthier version of yourself. You’ve to develop new ways to switch your perspective to a determined mentality. It’s not something that can be developed in a day and requires will and practice.

Here are some ways that can help you overcome your insecurities and beat your gym phobia.

Find a suitable gym

The first thing that comes to your mind when you enter a gym is that whether you are being judged by other people present in the gym. Even though nobody is watching, you’d still want to workout at a place where you feel less intimidated. Look around for different gyms in your city and find one that caters to more casual members and yet has all the facilities and types of equipment you’re looking for.

Avoid exercising at peak hours

If you experience anxiety while working out in front of other people, consider working out late at night or early in the morning. Since many people find it suitable to go to the gym right after work or in the noon, you may feel more comfortable planning your workout sessions at a different time.

Choose the right workout clothes

Wearing well-fitted gymming clothes can cause a major boost in your self-esteem.
Baggy sweats and loose T-shirts may be comfy, but they can also hinder your workout sessions. Having the right clothes to exercise in can help motivate you and make you feel more at ease when you’re exercising.

Stop criticising yourself

While constructive criticism can be inspiring, continuously reminding yourself about your flaws and insecurities can have a negative impact on your feeling of self worth, which is futile when it comes to motivating yourself to lose weight. Instead of being determined to change the things you don’t like about yourself, you get so absorbed in blaming yourself that you become depressed and wonder if you should even care.

Be patient with yourself

Finding yourself in a new situation can be demanding. You need to be patient and give yourself ample time to adjust. While some people can easily adapt to a new environment you might end up taking a considerate amount of time. Don’t give up too soon. Consistency is the key.

Lose the paranoia

You must have heard this before and it’s really true. Most people do not pay any attention to you and what you’re doing. They are too busy focusing on their own task at hand. Even if they do notice you, they have positive thoughts about someone new joining the gym since they have been there and done that too.

Focus on what you’re doing

Shift your focus from other people around you to yourself. Notice how your body feels as it moves as you’d wanna figure what your body is capable of and avoid injuries. Once you practice focusing on yourself, your self-consciousness about what others might be thinking about you doesn’t bother you anymore. All the anxiety that first appeared will begin to vanish.

Consider working out with a friend

Going through new and challenging experiences seem a lot easier when you have someone going through them too. Having a gym buddy can really motivate you along and make you feel less shy and embarrassed while working out in front of other people.

Do something you enjoy

It’s important to focus on things you enjoy doing while exercising. Workouts don’t necessarily have to be boring and intense in order to be effective. Fun activities like Zumba, Aerobics and Cycling can deliver the desired results too. Give cycling a try or challenge yourself to hot yoga. You just need to figure out what you enjoy the most and incorporate that into your exercise routine, this will make the workout feel less like a drag task.

Reward yourself

Lastly, don’t forget to reward yourself. Starting something new and overcoming your insecurities can be difficult. If you manage to stay determined to get in the shape, give yourself the credit you deserve. If you still skip a few days remember that you can start over again.

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