Are we fit only for social media? Does this question trouble you at times? Are there times when you look at a profile and say ‘hey this is being done only for Instagram’? In this millennial age when Instagram is a language that everyone understands, seeing everybody document their fitness journey online is not surprising.

But where do we differentiate between the virtual world and the real one?

Transformation posts if shared regularly have a tendency to make you complacent. All those diet updates are done for the gram, but what’s the use of propagating a vegan lifestyle when you can’t live a day without chicken? And what about those carefully scripted poses that are thought of only for social media? What do you think about all of this, I would really want to know.

As far as my opinion is concerned, I think everything that is being done to stay fit is great. As long as it gets equal to get moving to adopt a healthy lifestyle and believe in it social media is just a propagator and it’s doing more good than harm. I love the fact that people share their fitness journeys and diets. I love to see progress, I love to see failure, I love to see people keeping it real.

Plus the whole body positivity movement that has kickstarted thanks to Instagram, I am glad to see people accepting their bodies, and working towards getting stronger, compared to how this was being done in the past – trying to fit into a standard that was set by the society.

Gone are the days when being thin and being skinny or being lean was the way to be. Today, #swole #gains and #thick are changing the way we see fitness, and I find this to be a positive aspect of Instagram/social media.

Yes, it does take a lot of mental strength to stay sane. But the social media revolution in the space of fitness has my thumbs up.

What about you? I would love to know what you have to say about this.

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