Remember Vidyut Jammwal’s films Commando 1 and 2? Well, you may not have watched the film. But you would have seen the trailer where the hot actor uses amazing stunts to combat his enemies, right? That’s Parkour. Vidyut is a trained parkour expert and so he is known for bringing Parkour And Free Running to Bollywood. For those who still don’t recognise the stunts, Salman’s Ek Tha Tiger could be another reference.

Salman‘s seen doing some amazing parkour movements in the opening scene itself as he climbs one wall after another to catch the “bad guy”. Even the lead actress, Katrina Kaif trained in Parkour for her stunts in the movie. And those who are not really Bollywood fans can picture Bruce Willis as John McClane in Die Hard. The famous scene where he fights Rand, a nimble villain has all the best Parkour moves. These moves were performed by acclaimed Parkour practitioner and stuntman Cyril Raffaelli.

Does that ring a bell? Well, all those amazing stunts involve Parkour. However, Parkour is not an activity solely for stuntmen and stuntwomen. It is a creative fitness activity that you can totally add to your fitness regime if you don’t plan to get bored with your regular gym training.

To start with, let us tell you what Parkour And Free Running really is.

What Is Parkour And Free Running?

In simple terms, Parkour is the technique of reaching from one place to another in the most creative manner possible. And you have to reach there as fast as you can.

So when you see Salman jumping off a rooftop, it’s a part of Parkour because it helps him reach where he wants as quickly as possible. But Parkour is much beyond jumping and climbing rooftops.

Parkour training is an obstacle training where one uses acrobatic movements and aerial feats, along with running to reach their goal. The setting for Parkour training is often complex and filled with hurdles of sorts. Along with that, you are not allowed any assistive equipment to get through.

Here’s a video that can show you what Parkour Training really is.

Why Parkour And Free Running Is A Great Way To Get Fit?

Now that you have some idea of what Parkour is, you might we wondering how it can be used to get fit. It may look like something that’s good to look at and be in awe of only. But you can do it too. Not just that, you should do it if you want to get fit outside the purview of regular gyms and fitness classes.

Here’s why we think Parkour is a better choice:

It is fun and lets you be creative

Well, we can’t say it enough. Parkour is the most creative fitness activity you’d find. Once trained in the basics, Parkour becomes a fitness puzzle which you have to solve it in the faster and more effectively every day.

So, Parkour has an element of unpredictability so your fitness regime will never get mundane.

It does not restrict you to a place

Unlike most fitness regimes, Parkour and Free Running can literally be done anywhere. On your way to the office from your office parking, in your neighbourhood and even inside your college campus. You really cannot make the excuse that your “gym” or “training centre” is too far.

And if you are the kind who loves adventures, Parkour can be your perfect excuse to try new environments and travel to new places. Could this get any more exciting?

It builds your health holistically

As Parkour is so flexible in terms of training, it lets you develop many training qualities at once. Parkour builds muscle and core strength, give you a lot of flexibility, keep you active and boost your endurance.

Not just that, Parkour fills you with a positive attitude that directly affects your mental health. So, just like in Parkour, you develop the attitude to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals in life.

In The End

We are not saying that Parkour is everyone’s cup of tea. But what’s the harm in trying, right? So, why don’t you attend a Parkour Workshop and make your fitness regime exciting?

Shahrukh Parkour Training

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