If you have ever come across Fitato, you would have definitely heard about Fitato Exclusives. And mind you, it is much more than just a section on the Fitato App. Rather, it is a world of fitness that we have brought together for our Fitato Community.

fitato yoga carnival

What are Fitato Exclusives?

Fitato houses a team of fitness experts dedicated to making your fitness journey fun and exciting. We call these amazing fitness instructors as the Fitato Captains. They are your fitness buddies that bring the most enjoyable fitness events and the most realistic fitness advice to you.

Not just that, Fitato Captains ensure that you are motivated to work towards your fitness goals. And that you have exciting sessions and activities to look forward to and enjoy while achieving those goals.

And in order to that, they add “Fitato Exclusives” to your week under which group workouts are conducted throughout the week, challenging sports are hosted on Fridays and engaging events are organized over the weekend.

So, Fitato Exclusives include everything from treks, campings, karaoke nights, community workouts, Yoga carnivals, fitness parties, and whatnot. We like to categorize our exclusives into these subtypes:

Community Workouts

Community workouts are group sessions on different fitness activities like Yoga, MMA, Zumba, Pilates and others at our premium partner facilities. These community workouts are primarily hosted for the Fitato Fam. So, you’d always find a Fitato Captain present there as your fitness buddy to help you enjoy your workout.

fitato community workouts


Every Friday’s are #FitatoFunFridays for us. And we make them fun by switching the workouts with sports-related activities like cricket, football, badminton, tennis, and whatnot. Our Captains are always present there to organize these activities and to enjoy them with you.

Community Events

In order to bring the Fitato Community closer, we host a series of fitness and non-fitness events every weekend. They range from karaoke nights and house-parties to trek and fitness pool parties. In addition to that, they also include Powerlifting championships and fun Back to School races. So, with Fitato Community Events, we try to make fitness fun for you and help you better your mental and social well-being.

And it is the Fitato Captains who plan all the thrill and chill you get at the Fitato Exclusives.

Know Your Fitato Captains

We have assigned a Fitato captain for all the areas in Pune city. This ensures that you have a fitness coach nearby whenever you head for a workout for the right fitness guidance.

fitato captains and buddies

Here are all the Fitato Captains

Like the concept? So, check out the exclusives section of the Fitato App and find all the upcoming events we have planned ahead.

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For more information on all the different gyms and fitness activities (CrossFit, Yoga, Zumba, etc), you can try out in your city, check out Fitato. Fitato is your single membership to various gyms & fitness studios in your city. So what are you waiting for? Download the app now.

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