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Fitato exclusive events june

Fitato Exclusive Events (June 2019)

The month of June was as eventful as it can get. From Yoga to Cricket, we enjoyed it all. Here's a recollection of the events Fitato Community took part in.

fitato exclusive events

Fitato Exclusive Events (May 2019)

Fitato community had a lot of fun in the month of may. Here are all the engaging fitness activities that the Fitato Community took part in.

Fitato Editorial

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Kaaba Khan Fitato Captain

Meet Our Captains: Kaaba Khan

Here's all you need to know about our amazing Fitato Captain-cum-Yoga instructor, Kaaba Khan. Your local fitness guide for the best fitness advice.


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The 5 Hottest Healthy Restaurants In Pune

Looking for a healthy restaurant that serves tasty food and is good on both your wallet and waistline?You’ve come to the right place! The restaurants in this list are the consensus cleanest and healthiest restaurants...


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