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A Curated List of the Best Gyms In Hyderabad

Looking to start your fitness journey? Joining a good gym in your neighbourhood is a great way to kick this off. Not sure which gym or fitness centre near you to join? We can help!...

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Fitato Exclusive Events (January 2019)

We, at Fitato never miss a chance to make fitness fun, exciting and adventurous. Here are all the Fitato Exclusive events that the Fitato Community took part in the first month of 2019. Join us on our extravaganza by checking the exclusive section on your Fitato App!

Fitato Exclusive Events (December)

Fitato Community never let's you get bored of fitness. Stay engaged in fitness with Fitato Exclusive Events. Here's all that we enjoyed in December'18!

Fitato Editorial

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samarth ahluwalia fitato captain

Want Results? Put A Process To It!

If you want to see results while on your fitness journey, you got to be consistent. Fitato Buddy, Samarth shares how you must follow a process to get fit.


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The 5 Hottest Healthy Restaurants In Pune

Looking for a healthy restaurant that serves tasty food and is good on both your wallet and waistline?You’ve come to the right place! The restaurants in this list are the consensus cleanest and healthiest restaurants...


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New Year Fitness Resolutions That Are Bound To Fail

Aren’t you tired of making the same old New Year Fitness Resolutions that fail? And like all those years, tonight too, you will resolve to the same New Year Fitness Resolutions. Moreover, you will tell...