The Best Dance Classes in Pune: Express your Inner Black Swan

Dance is an amazing form of expression of oneself. You dance when you’re happy, when you’re euphoric in the shower, or when you are raving your head off at a concert. Dance, with its sheer diversity in all its forms and manners, has always been the embodiment of emotional and physical expression in our lives. Becoming a good dancer not only calls for an immense amount of dedication but also a lot of practice. To master some moves, or even to get acquainted with the specific steps in certain dance forms is quite a feat in itself. Here is a list of the best dance classes in Pune, brought to you by Fitato. Visit one of these places and let your inner black swan out into the real world!!

Here are the best dance classes in Pune;

Shimmer Belly Dance, (Multiple Branches)

shimmer belly dance - dance classes in pune
Locations:  Kalyani Nagar, Bhandarkar Road, Aundh

Shimmer Belly Dance, by Pooja Wadke is one of the best dance fitness studio in the area of Kalyani Nagar. It also has multiple branches spread across the city. Belly Dance by Pooja is all about self-expression. She has a perfect blend of all emotions in her dance and loves the freedom that it gives her to explore and express different emotions It allows her to interpret the music and create her own style in each performance. Pooja’s performances invoke the exemplary Feminine form as a force of nature. Her performance comprises of transformations and experimental fluid moves which keep audiences enthralled. She guarantees an hour of enjoyment in a fun and beautiful environment. Her dance class is a must-visit and anyone who goes there cant stop raving about it.

Om Studio

om studio fitato - best dance classes in pune
Location: Jangli Maharaj Road

Om studios definitely deserves a spot in the list of best dance classes in Pune. With the tagline, “from sole to soul fitness”, Om studios truly embodies the idea of being a free spirit and having fun. Their Zumba classes are essentially a party where everyone dances to upbeat songs in certain aerobic styles, which are deftly taught by the main trainer. The atmosphere is perpetually ecstatic with people of all ages having fun while trying to catch their breath. It is a great place to get rid of all your stress and have fun! The goal of each class is to burn about 800-1000 calories and the trainers always make sure that you achieve that goal by the end of each session.


vellocity fitato - best dance classes in Pune
Location: Kharadi  Near Polaris Hospital

Velllocity, started off by Attree (link to her facebook page) is more than just a place to come and dance. It is more a community of people with the same interests, hopes, and dreams. They offer Zumba and Yoga. Their Zumba classes headed by Attree are exceptionally enjoyable as you dance and groove to your favorite music. You also get to lose a ton of calories without even realizing it.
It’s the perfect place to come for release, support, encouragement, personal development, to have fun and ultimately, transform to your best self! Because at Vellocity, you are the focus. They personally ensure that every class you take, every time you walk on to the dance floor is going to be a great experience.


danceoceans - best dance classes in Pune
Location: NIBM Road

Danceoceans has always been one of the leading performing institutes in Pune. Initiated in 2005, they offer quality dance instruction with absolute care and dedication. They offer a variety of classes taught by a very qualified teaching faculty, consisting of highly experienced choreographers. The school has a multitude of competitive streams to suit every level of dancer. Danceoceans is renowned for offering a diverse array of dance disciplines under one roof. Our continued dedication to the international dance community has set a benchmark for everyone in Pune. A great choice for professionals and beginners alike, Danceoceans is one of the best dance classes in Pune, hands down.

The Place – Dance And Fitness Studio

the-place-best dance classes in Pune
Location: Aundh

The Place, founded by Chetan Agarwal and Meghna Upadhyay is a definite contender for a list of the best dance classes in Pune. The amount of energy both of them bring into the studio is incredible. They imbibe everybody with so much positivity and enthusiasm that everybody always has a great time. Customers swear they never feel like missing a class and Chetan’s Zumba sessions feel nothing less than a party with your friends.


I would like to end this article with a quote from Bob Marley, who praises dance as the cure-all for all your troubles and worries.
Image credits to AZ QUOTES

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