“Since childhood I dreamt of being a choreographer and use all my creativity in making people move in ways they never thought they could.” Dance

Yuteka Trripati is a contemporary dance artist who got introduced to this beautiful form of dance at the age of 15. After completing high school, she studied dance further at Attakkalari Centre of Moving Arts, Bangalore and then majored in choreography from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore. Lets get to know more about her inspiration.



“Since childhood I dreamt of being a choreographer and use all my creativity in making people move in ways they never thought they could.”


After all the exposure and experience, she knew she wanted to spread the same awareness about contemporary dance in India. Hence, she started freelancing in Pune. And now, by God’s grace she has set up her own studio so that she can contribute more in helping the art scene in Pune, grow.


Her studio, Yuteka Trripati Dance is based in Viman Nagar, Pune. This is a space where people can come and explore movement in dance, as well as fitness.


Here Yuteka teaches Contemporary Dance, for all the dance enthusiasts, wanting to explore their bodies. At the studio, we also offer Yoga and Belly dance, by two of the best instructors in Pune.

Apart from being a dance artist, Yuteka is also a fitness enthusiast and love training people, pushing them towards a healthy and fit lifestyle. She is a certified Zumba trainer, Cross-fit Level 1 Coach, and a Scuba Diving Instructor. She is also pursuing a personal training certification from American College of Sports Medicine, at the moment.




“Contemporary dance, as the name suggests, is the dance of the present. It is what you create now.

The movements of Contemporary dance are very dynamic; they can vary from extremely slow/stillness to super fast, floor movements to jumps and turns, small to really big and extended, in place to moving across the floor with changes in levels and speeds. Contemporary Dance not only helps the dancer move freely in space with confidence, but also helps a lot in improving their strength, flexibility, speed, and overall fitness.

In her class, she starts with warming up and stretching, moving into the centre and across the floor combinations, eventually ending with a calming cool down combination. She also focus a lot on letting the dancers explore and create their own movements, with improvisation techniques, which she facilitates.

After the class, she has a small sharing session where everyone can speak about anything that they feel at that time. Mostly, Yuteka says she hears words like happy, free, light, energized, etc.


“Dance has this effect on us, always leaves us in another zone of peace, and Contemporary dance has this extraordinary quality; it can make you feel a lot of emotions at once, and when you start creating movements, these emotions are the ones that drive you to dance!”



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