The 5 Point Fitness Plan for New Dads

Being a parent is a full time time job. And for new dads juggling between changing dirty diapers, feedings, a whole load of washing and attending nightly calls from the little one, there is not much time to devote to fitness, or even sleep, for that matter! So if you’re a father trying to make fitness a bigger priority in life but have no idea how to do it, read these 5 tips below and get started!


  1. Sneak in Workouts whenever you can

Going to the  gym for an hour everyday might not be possible when you have a busy schedule. So being creative with your time is the key to maintain your health. Try to combine exercise with your commute to work if it’s close by. Take a bike ride sometimes instead of hopping in to your car. Consider bringing workout clothes to work and taking a jog home for a couple of days every week.

Think of investing in a pair of dumbbells at home so you can sneak in a quick workout whenever you have free time at home. You can also involve your kids in your workouts by letting them join in and imitate your movements. Tip: Use your kids as extra body-weights for your sit-ups and push-ups!


  1. Prep your meals

Nutrition is a very important part of fitness. And to gain the benefits from exercising you need to fuel your body right. So plan out your food, taking a night or two every week to prepare your meals, so you would be less likely to eat junk food that would derail all the hard work you put in working out. It’s essential for you child to develop healthy food habits. So by eating right as a family, everyone will be on the same page, and having fast food for dinner will start to become a rare occurrence.


  1. Have a plan.

If you are taking time out from family, it’s important to have clear goal for which you’re working for accordingly. Try to go for workouts that cram in a lot of exercises in a short period of time.

Circuit training, HIIT and even some Crossfit routines can provide intense workouts in under 30 minutes. Be efficient and train with the right intensity and see amazing results!

(If you need help with planning your workouts, you should definitely check out Fitato.)


  1. Prepare for the unexpected

No matter how well prepared you are, your plans are bound to break down. If you’re a busy dad, you’re going to have to learn how to make adjustments on the fly. If your kid gets sick, your partner has a crisis at work, or your car breaks down, the gym will fall further and further down your priority list.

When that happens, it’s not the end of the world. Have some at-home workout plans in your back pocket and use them when you need to. And, depending on your goals, maybe forgo that second helping of dinner.

Keep a good attitude and remember that, no matter what happens, it is your consistent effort toward health and fitness that will make changes in your body


  1. Supplements can help

You won’t be able to follow your diet plan 100% of the time. So taking supplements can really help your overall health and wellbeing. Consider taking multivitamins and fish oil blended in with green tea. These you won’t get your body bulked or shredded up, but it will sure help you maintain your body’s proper functions.




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