Winter is COMING!!

This time round, the air becomes cold, visibility minimal, and your nose blocked. That’s right, I’m talking about the cold winter nights that force you under your blanket like a bear in its cave. Every time you step out, it’s almost as if your feet instantly freeze when they touch that ground. Global warming suddenly doesn’t seem like an issue anymore, (and maybe trumps right!? Who knows?) but it’s important to safeguard yourself from the changing weather, because its holiday time! And you wouldn’t want a sickness to hinder in all that holiday cheer would you? So here are 9 things to keep in mind, to save yourself from the cold and stay healthy this time of the year!

Always choose the dark side

Winter combat

(on your chocolate)

With Christmas and New Year’s, it’s hard to imagine life without chocolate. And as it turns out, chocolate isn’t so bad after all. Provided its dark, really really dark; 70% or higher. Its rich in minerals such as zinc, magnesium and iron and other essential nutrients like flavonoids that have an immune-boosting effect.

Eat more Garlic and Onion

Garlic and onion are much more than just their smell! Garlic has something called glutathione and allicin; both of which are exceptional antibacterial and antiviral compounds. Now you know what to eat to avoid that flu that has been going all round town!!

Wear compression garments

winter combat

Ever watch your favourite football or basketball player wear ¾ skinny pants under their shorts and wonder what those were?? They’re compression shorts; and quite popular in the athletic industry.  Compression wear are largely used to combat muscle strain and fatigue, and helps in keeping sweat away from your skin. Its special material also dries quickly and is extremely easy to use. It’s a less known fact that it can also be doubled up as warm clothing, especially during those outdoor workouts. Now you won’t have to shrug away from your run, just because it’s cold outside!! It helps keep your body warm, dry and ready to take on the next challenge.

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

drink water

Water works like a cleanser; cleaning out unnecessary particles from our bodies. It’s said that even if you caught a cold, if you drink enough water, you can flush out all that bacteria from your bodies and never get sick in the first place!

Protect your torso and head

winter wear

It’s for a reason that all our major organs are only placed in our torso and head. Protecting them does almost all your work when it comes to being safe from the cold (or even the heat for that matter). So make sure this winter, you cover yourself properly and stay safe!

Loose the Boozeloose the booze

It’s a popular misconception that drinking causes your body to warm up, whereas in actuality, what happens in your body is quite the opposite. When you consume alcohol, you sweat, resulting in the loss of core body temperature and hence relatively the atmospheric temperature seems to be hotter than your own body. This causes you to think that you’re warm, but you’re not. This could results in a very bad case of cold or even a flu! So, try to stay away from the booze a bit, just till the winter rolls over.

Shower often

When you wake up in your warm and fuzzy bed, you’ll most probably not want to leave your warm paradise. But a steaming hot shower could just be what you need. The hot water can soothe your aching limbs while the steam will help clear those clogged sinuses, relieving you of any tension and reading you for your day ahead.

Go spicy or go home!!


Things like ginger, pepper, and chilly are extremely rich in anti-oxidants and anti-bacteria’s, and can raise your core temperature by a couple of degrees. They can also cause you to literally melt out that clogged nose that you’ve been dying to clear out all week long. So get a little adventurous, turn up the heat on your meals a bit!

Cover yourself

Be sure to cover yourself properly, even if it’s just chilly and not too cold. Don’t go to work out without a jacket, because it’s important to conserve on that body heat after a workout. Losing body heat rapidly can cause muscle cramps and severe congestion due to loss of core temperature. Always remember to cover yourself after exercising and drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself.



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