So you think adventure is dangerous?



These words of the infamous writer Paulo Coelho apply to your everyday workout too.


Working out everyday is better than just eating an apple everyday but not improvising with your workouts can be really bad. We all are obsessed with a particular type of workout, be it a spinning class or a Zumba session on the same collection of songs, but if it’s routine then you need to check if it’s really doing you any good at all.

The human body has a tendency to adapt just like other animals, be it adapting to climatic conditions or an exercise. This explains why a 5k marathon is such a big challenge for a first time runner while it’s a cakewalk for professional marathon runners. Not just can a routine activity becomes easier with time as the body adapts to it but can also decrease in efficiency, which is why after a certain period of time it will not lead to expected results.


In Albert Einstein’s words it’s called as insanity to do the same thing again and again and expecting different results.


A friend of mine used to do cardio for 45 minutes along with dieting and lost around 5-6 Kgs in just a couple of months. However, gradually she started putting on weight again until she increased the time of her cardio and mixed it up with some Yoga while continuing the diet.


In the dictionary of health and fitness we call this the plateau effect.


Any exercise that seems very strenuous initially will eventually become easy and won’t improve your endurance any further unless you challenge your body.


Fitness is a holistic concept and everything right from your sleep to diet and exercise are an integral part of it.

Exercising too has 5 key elements: balance training, aerobic exercise, strength training, core exercises, and stretching. It is for the same reason why events like Spartan Race are becoming increasingly popular.


I recently came across this new Indian start-up called as Fitato that lets you indulge in various kinds of workouts at different studios through a single membership. So basically if you have a Fitato membership, you can do Kickboxing before your office hours near your office, MMA during your college break, Zumba at a studio near your home or de-stress with Yoga or Swimming at the weekend without paying a dime at any of the facility. It gives you full flexibility to workout wherever and whenever and whichever activity you want.


It seemed a really cool concept to me not only because variety is important from the point of view of physical health and it also elevates a person mentally and prevents boredom from creeping in our fitness schedule which is already presumed by most people as monotonous.


To me it’s kind of exciting to go to various places and meet different people, learn from different trainers in a new environment. Fitato spices up my workout calendar while leading to better results.


So if you want to see quicker results without losing interest in exercising while also having flexibility with your schedule, you must check out the Fitato app here and don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated while you enjoy your workouts.



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