I was going out for a smoke: Happy World Yoga Day

It’s true what they say: we are our own best teacher, and sharing stories inspire human connection, unity, compassion, peace and freedom.

Yoga has gained immense popularity in the last 2 years especially since the introduction of a special day for yoga “The World Yoga Day”, celebrated all over the world. Initially considered a fitness form for the old, Yoga has suddenly gained popularity amongst the younger generation. The factors of spiritual upliftment, self discovery and peace associated with it has made it a world wide craze, and a breakaway from the fast paced lives that we currently live.

Though I work for Fitato, I still have the same excuses like the rest of us. The usuals are ‘I don’t have the time’ or ‘I’m too tired today’. Anyway, I shouldn’t be going off track, coming back to “The World Yoga Day”

So the Event was a go and the day had arrived, we had organised everything

  • Classic Rock Cafe Co – kickass venue, Check.
  • Article in Pune Mirror – PR, Check.
  • Top notch yoga instructors of the city for the event-  Host, Check.
  • 47 additional tickets sold on Insider in addition to Fitato members – Footfall, Check.

All aspects for it to be a successful event were in place. We noted down the receipts of the passes and the access code of Fitato users, distributed the Yoga mats, set up the mic and ensured that the event commenced smoothly.  Once the initial stretching had begun, I sneaked up to my colleague and asked him if he’s up for a few quick puffs. But as I was asking him, something strange happened. My eyes fell on the group of people, humming in unison, all 47 of them from different walks of life. I turned around picked up a mat, and sat down for my first Yoga class.

An hour later, I opened my eyes and there was something different. No, I’m not going to say that I had attained peace and all my worries of running a startup were gone. There was, however, a sudden peace, a silence, a sense of self realization and I wasn’t alone. 47 others had the same feeling, the place was buzzing with energy. The group’s age ranged from a 67 year old man to a 13 year old kid, no genders, religious or societal barriers. The place was one, the energy was one, without any talks or gestures, yet in sync & harmony with themselves and each other. All through a fitness form. It was hard for me to believe.

Though you might call it exaggeration there was a spark in their eyes. The way they walked had changed, they spoke more calmly and openly and there was a feeling that didn’t exist 2 hours ago. The morning ended, but the positive vibe of the day continued, a vibe we really don’t get to see in our fast paced jobs or club hopping lives. I don’t know if it was doing Yoga or actually spending 60 minutes listening to myself but  there was something different. I wish I could define it in all this noise.



Fitato Yoga Day
A snapshot of the event, looking forward to seeing you guys for the next one, lets do this more often, lets do this for ourselves. Happy World Yoga Day, Cheers!




  1. Priyanka Kirad June 22, 2016 at 12:31 pm

    It was a Great Morning. Loved every bit of teaching and conducting the workshop. ThankYou Fitato for organising it 🙂 The Feet Circus is proud to be a part of it !

    1. Fitato June 22, 2016 at 2:44 pm

      Hey Priyanka, a big thanks to you and The Feet Circus team for an amazing morning. Looking forward to more such days & events. Cheers!


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