Taru tells you how you can lead a lifestyle every woman dreams about

Are you spending countless hours in the office, working in front of a computer screen and warming your butt on that one chair, for what seems to be a lifetime?

In this perpetual cycle of stressful hurry-burry, there barely seems to be any time left to take care of yourself.

Sure, it is hard to find the time to spend on yourself, but that is the crux of the problem! It’s not impossible, and we know it as people do succeed in balancing their lives with work and fitness.

A prime example for this is no other than Taru Mateti. Taru is a 52 year old IT professional, wife of an army officer and a mother, and an extensive marathon runner. Talk about age being just a number! She has brilliantly managed to keep her life in streamline with her fitness even though she has been working full time and managing home. 


We talked to her to get a little insight on her lifestyle, in the hopes that it might help us .

And since the time we starting communicating with her  she became pacer/crew for a runner who ran 100 miles, ran her second ultra of 50K with him and an additional 11K in his last loop. Further, she completed a sub-2 half marathon in Melbourne and also won two more podiums in 10K events in India besides being the Race Director for FICCI FLO Half Marathon.. OH..MY..GOD!

This is what’s stopping you from leading a healthy lifestyle : 

People often struggle because they set unrealistic targets or no targets at all. Sometimes, they’re goals aren’t practical and they start an activity that they can’t cope up with. Also, there could be monotony, or solitude, or the other way around. One needs to find the right balance for oneself.

I prefer to mix activities for two reasons: for all-around fitness and to avoid boredom setting in.

“Let me somehow manage the run today, and tomorrow is a rest day anyway” works on some days.

“What will abc think if I don’t show up today?” also works.

“I will be proud of myself if I am able to push myself through this today” works very well.

Most often, I have noticed that getting out of bed and getting started with the activity are the only challenges. Once I begin, I am thankful that I did.

Sing songs and visualize rainbows:


Once I begin running in a “race” or event, I am sure that I will finish it unless there is an injury or something to physically stop me. However, there are times when I feel tired and start walking a little towards the end, especially during full marathon. I overcame this completely during my last full marathon in Mumbai; it is a case of mind over body. When tired during a run, I talk to myself and think about people who motivate me. To distract myself, I start singing songs in my mind or even count steps. I visualize positive things and even start planning new runs.

Be Happier At Work :

14606516_10205590300117368_8234228400311074844_n  14484937_10205590297357299_3792141220632175599_n

I have never let running affect my job. Even if I go out of station in the weekend for a full marathon or an Ultra, I am always back in office on Monday. All events happen on weekends. The best part about running is that you can do it early morning and then be happy for the rest of the day.

In fact, I am happier in office the day I have got my morning dose of running! But yes, because I have a full-time job, I have to rein-in my running ambitions because I don’t have the kind of time required to recover and train for longer ultras.

When can you call yourself ‘fit’:

Fitness is to have the stamina, flexibility, health and balance to be able to do a lot of things until as late in life as one can.

My focus earlier was on playing, aerobics, walking, and core as well as strength training. I think these activities help lay a good base that enabled me to pick up long-distance running even at such a later stage in life much sooner than I would otherwise have. I noticed that I don’t have too much flexibility and running was anyway affecting it even more. Hence, even though I am not very fond of yoga, I have included some asanas in my routine. It is never too late to learn.

You can use your body machine to have much more fun than you already do: 


I do cross-training and strength training for overall fitness and also to be able to run better. To me, other newer things challenge the body in newer ways and also bring in the much required variety to break monotony. They also give the much-required choices. I then pick up the best from some of these and incorporate them in my own regular schedule. I will surely recommend trying new thing like crossfit, dancing, zumba, pilates, different forms of aerobics; I do it all the time!

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You need someone to push you! 


Taru’s husband always pushed her to run in her free time, so much so that he himself ended up running marathons as well! She says ”Running is a great stress-buster for me. I have made many friends since I started running. It also gives me an opportunity (excuse?) to visit different places. Chandan has supported me through the runs, and he too has taken to running. So we have found a common hobby!”

Ladies, Do you think you are too old to be fit and Flexible?


You’re wrong!

Whining about being overweight won’t help you shed weight, but doing yoga just might. Taru’s is an army wife, which entails her living in places less heard of.But she never let this affect her ability to stay fit.

She was a frequent participant in badminton tournaments conducted by army and more often than not ended up winning it. Even after joining her IT job after having a teaching background, she never budged.

Complaining about your asthma is no excuse to use the elevator instead the stairs! Taru Mateti is 52 years old, and her latest marathon was in Australia! This only shows that age is not just a number, but an insignificant one at that!

She has run over 30 marathons in her running career, and it doesn’t look like anything is going to stop her anytime soon! It’s people like her that we should take inspiration from. Fitness in general does not require you to be good at running, or swimming, etc. It’s about your journey and learning something new every day while you get fit! You need to learn to enjoy taking care of your body, and test your limits.

The secret to getting fit:


A lot of people mistake fitness to be only running, or only body weight training. Fitness is a very dynamic term whose definition is set by YOU. It’s different for everyone and in order to see results, it is highly recommended that you take something up that you like doing, so you won’t have to loathe doing it every day.

Taru, found her love in running, and her love is what drives her to run every day, without thinking it as some monotonous chore. Fitato is perfect for you this way, as we only charge 1999/- per month, which gives you access to any/all fitness studios in the city, so you have all the options to choose from! Check it out today!

You need to make choice. Right Now!


Usually for people working in the office, travelling is quite common. Say your company send you to some other city for the week, and you’re travelling by air. Use the time when you’re waiting for the flight to have a brisk walk around the airport, check all the stalls out and distract yourself into walking and being active for the day. It’s tiny hacks like these that accumulate over time and help you stay in shape.

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