Have you followed the diet everyone is obsessed with? Priya Aurora (founder KetoForIndia) shares how she lost 12 Kgs within a month in a healthy way

The Keto Diet has been trending all over the internet with people claiming it to be the most effective ,healthy and one of the fastest weight loss diet ,even Kim Kardashian is following it! The Ketogenic diet is a moderate-protein ,low carbohydrate , high fat diet originally developed to treat epilepsy in children . It works on a process called Ketosis  which happens when you do not give your body enough carbohydrates and  your liver starts converting fat into fatty acids and ketones which is then used as energy.

You also don’t spike your insulin levels with carbohydrates and this makes you crave less for food. It’s probably the most interesting diet as it lets you eat fat! Yes, fat. But how will you incorporate this with Indian diet? How do you start with it? Would exercise accelerate its effects?

We caught up with Priya Aurora ,founder of KetoForIndia to answer all your questions.



I started on 1st January 2015, when I thought that I had enough of a fat life and it was high time I did something about it. My brother was the one who inspired me to try a diet called the ‘Keto Diet’, since he too was following it for staying healthy and fit. Turns out it’s one of the fastest fat burning diets and healthiest too.

In the past I had tried every silly trick in the book and this was going to be my last shot at it. The first month was the toughest, as I was confused, still not sure if I wanted to do this and if I would be able to carry it through. But it also had its highs, like they say ignorance is bliss, I had no clue of MFP or macros or had not looked at any list on low carb foods. .

The Journey Begins With The First Step.

Stopping all sugar played as a catalyst in my journey, as that was the hardest thing to do, yet most rewarding too. I cut down portion sizes, started having loads of water and kept telling myself that I have to do this no matter what.

In the first month I lost 12 kgs and then there was no looking back.

All I was doing was no roti, no rice, no junk food, no sugar. And it was working! The regular loss was the source of motivation for me.


‘Yummy’ Food Cravings…



Leaving all the so called “yummy’ food overnight was not an easy job. And mind you I was still cooking the normal food for the rest of the family and not having even a bite of it. My family has been very supportive at every step of the way and they kept pushing me to stay on the wagon. In a month I realized that there was no looking back and decided to take the plunge.


KetoFor Indian Diet?

The second big challenge that I faced was the fact that many food items in India do not come with an accurate carb and sugar break-up on the packing. The popular fitness apps did not have traditional Indian dishes and there was a lot of confusion all around.

When I started creating IndianisedKeto recipes for myself, I thought why not share them with all. I wanted to inspire other mothers, women and men to not give up hope and try this new way of eating and living. If a foodie like me could do it, anybody can. Since the past year I have helped many people to adapt to this way of life and become fit and healthy.

The Golden Rule For Keto


I made one ground rule and totally stuck to it, that was no roti, rice, bread or sugar in any form. Sugar was my biggest temptation, so that one had to go for sure.

I strongly believe that Keto is a battle that is fought half in the head and half in the body.

If you remove the conventional food blocks, it becomes a win-win situation all the way. The stigmas attached to the diet are due lack of awareness and a natural hesitance to try something new. All over North America and Europe the diet is being increasingly suggested to people suffering from obesity, epilepsy and diabetes. If you stick to your guns you will be able to handle the questions and the criticism.

And once the results start showing, people will anyway be in awe of you.


Some Common Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make


  • Calculate your calorie intake and macros.
  • Don’t think it is a high protein diet. It’s not.
  • Don’t think you can cheat every week. You can’t.

Some Common misconceptions people have about Keto diet.

  • They think Keto is about eating butter and ghee all day.
  • They think it affects the cholesterol levels and causes stones.
  • They think that it does not work for vegetarians.
  • You don’t need to exercise on Keto Diet.

All Wrong.


How Do You Start?               

Glad ,you asked. Stay focused. Do it for yourself and not for anybody else. Take one day at a time.Take advise from all, but at the end of the day, listen to your body more than anything. There will be days when you will cheat, and that’s ok. The important thing is to get back on the track immediately.


The magical benefits of Keto, you didn’t know about:

  • Keto gives you a makeover from inside.
  • It supercharges your brain and gives you a high of extra energy.
    It boosts and supports your mental and physical wellbeing.
  • It can be adapted for fixing stubborn problems like PCOS, PCOD and Diabetes type 2.


Don’t forget to exercise- It’s the best!

Once the fat starts going, adding exercise to your daily regime is very important. It will boost the metabolism and make you feel even better about yourself- mix up your routine a little, try out different fitness activities.

Most importantly, Keto gives you the freedom to exercise in a way that you do not have spend hours exercising strenuously, you can jazz up your routine with fun activities.


After all, fitness is a combination of right food and proper exercise.
PS: Note From TeamFitato-

Please do not follow the Keto diet without proper consultation. You can drop in your questions below, we will make sure they get answered.


More about Priya:

Priya Aurora shares her personal story of success-getting fit and losing weight, by switching to a Ketogenic Lifestyle. The journey has inspired her share her story with all those looking for inspiration to lose weight and get healthy again. She shares fabulous recipes of Indian Keto-Friendly dishes on her blog KetoForIndia that you can definitely include in your diet. Do check her out, she’s amazing!





  1. Sneha September 8, 2016 at 12:32 pm

    In how many days can I have a refers / cheat diet and why is it important?

    1. Priya Aurora October 7, 2016 at 12:20 pm

      There are very limited cheat days in Keto. You need to rememeber that is not a short term weight loss programme. It is a way of life. Cheat days are few and numbered. And primarily for re boosting production of leptins and other essential chemicals.

    2. Priya Aurora October 7, 2016 at 12:23 pm

      Than you for your kind words. Diet charts in Keto cannot be generalized. They have to be custom designed according to body type, lifestyle and other medical conditions. The macros that determine calorie intake have to be calculated first. For information on what to eat and what not to, you can click here- http://www.ketoforindia.com/keto-dos-and-donts/

  2. Ashwini October 3, 2016 at 4:28 pm

    Hello Priya,
    Congratulations.. you looking very pretty.
    I want to start keto diet but very confuse..
    what are the items that I should eat and avoid? and how to cook it(recipe)? if you don’t mind can you plz share you chart?
    thank you.


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