The Perfect 6 Step Masterchef Recipe To Being A Fit Mom By Zareen Siddique

If Indian moms wore a bright red underwear on top of their pants, you would probably mistake them for superman. Unfortunately for them, they lack superman’s uncanny ability to eternally sport a six pack. In the 21st century, a typical household includes two kids, a full time working husband, a maid, and maybe even a dog, and more often than not, the responsibility of all of these things fall onto the shoulders of the bosslady; the mom. It’s hard to manage all the household and stay fit at the same time. Time is simply not in their favour. But you know what they say about time; time is made, not found.

That is exactly what Zareen Siddique managed to do after the birth of her second born. Along with managing her two kids AND housework, she followed her passion for fitness and started educating and teaching mothers (especially who had had a C-section) on how to regain their fitness post birth.

P.S. She also got her abs back.











Moms usually get extremely stressed out given that their lives are ridden with anomalies and unpredictable messes; toddlers, husbands, work and maids are just the tip of the iceberg. So how exactly can a mother, and a busy one at that, get fit in the middle of all this chaos?

Zareen is an ultra marathon runner , post natal fitness trainer , an army brat and a mother of two wonderful children! After a c section delivery in her late thirties , Zareen decided to get back in shape ,she also took up the cause of making mothers fit post c section delivery. Not only that, she took up running and runs half marathons consistently . She’s also completed The Pune Ultra 50 km run in November 2015 .


Here are 6 simple steps for every mother to regain your fitness and boost your confidence:

Step 1: Make mornings your best friend


Mornings are the time of the day when the chaos level in the house is at its height. People frantically looking for tiffin’s, hungry kids getting late to catch their buses, homework’s to put in bagpacks, etc. etc. But right after everyone leaves the house, a sudden sense of tranquil peace takes over the house. THIS is your chance to seize the day; carpe diem. These 45 mins before the maid come is the perfect time for you to go do something to elevate your heart rate, go for a brisk walk, a jog or even take your dog out to the park.

Zareen’s Tip For Mothers : 


A lot moms put off a regular exercise regime to take care of their baby.  The earlier you remove an hour for exercise post pregnancy the better results you get .
Don’t eat for two , during and after pregnancy.  Eat sensibly. Concentrate on nutrients and healthy food.  Breastfeed the baby and eat healthy with moderate exercise in the first six months post pregnancy .

Step 2: Be Realistic


As much as we’d like to think that we live in a utopian world; we don’t. Be realistic with your goals, take baby steps. Ideal goals can be losing 2-3 Kgs per month. You can regulate the number according to the amount of time you have, but pushing your limits may not be your best option. If you’re too tired, it will affect your ability to do other important things in your daily life.

Zareen’s Tip For Mothers:

Gentle exercises and slow steady walks an be started as soon as you are home and comfortable with the routine. Post dinner walks are a must. Drink plenty of water and include fruits in your diet as a priority.

Step 3: Keep your food in check


This might sound very clichéd, but you are what you eat. That is simply the most truthful statement there ever could be. You cannot expect to run 50 KM every day AND hog out on anything you get your hands on and still be fit. Our bodies are like balloons; the more you blow in it, the more it bloats up. Only the correct amount of air lets it not pop. No one expects you to eat a very specific number of macros; but a well-rounded balanced diet surely goes a long way. Eat a bit of everything; proteins, carbs, fat, green’s, etc.

Zareen’s Tip For Mothers: 

Do not exclude any food group from your diet.  Eat in moderation and as far as possible make healthy choices in food while eating out .  If you go overboard with food on a particular day , balance the next day with juices n light meals with regular exercise .Exercise for five days a week.

Step 4: Keep your stand, and be persistent



Having kids means that a lot of times you’ll end up packing goodies like cakes, chips and pasta into their tiffin boxes. In the process, anyone could get a little tempted to take a bite, but DON’T. That one bite turns to another, and before you know it you’ll have finished a buddy pack of Lays. Keep your stand, know that what you’re doing is for your own good and hold back the foodie in you just a bit longer. Also, try to stick to a schedule while working towards your goals. It not only will help you look forward to the exercise, but also compliment everyone else’s life around you. This way, you’ll always be there when your son asks you to teach him addition, or when your husband asks if you want to go out for a date.

Zareen’s Tip For Mothers: 


I got back to being fit in five months post delivery and it is possible for every mother to do so. I started running to test my endurance. Running not only increased my confidence but also helped me realize that you can overcome whatever comes your way with persistence.

Step 5: Set up a reward system


Do you remember in school, when the teacher said that the person with the cleanest shoes would be rewarded in the morning assembly? Remember how furiously you used to polish your shoes trying to turn them into the bathroom mirror?

The fact that you would be rewarded in the end was an amazing motivator that pushed you to achieve more, do more. Same logic applies here. Hard work is best enjoyed with an incentive. Promise yourself that if you can shed 3 Kgs this month, you’ll treat yourself to that expensive saloon you’ve been eyeing all this while. Or maybe even an evening out with the family at a restaurant of your choice. Embrace your work, and rejoice the results. You can even have a cheat day; eating whatever you like, however much you like. It can be anything that gives you the mental stamina to strive through till the end.

Step 6: Learn to have fun



Anything starts to seem tedious and monotonous if you do it as a chore. It is important to find and do something that fulfils your goals, while keeping a smile on your face.

Ex. Running, as great as it is, doesn’t always satisfy everyone, some people would prefer to go biking, or do yoga rather than go running. If you are one of these people, try to find something that you genuinely like and have fun while getting fit in the process.


Fitness is a lifestyle or me , it’s no longer a struggle. To me, exercise is all about improving your body’s functionality.

What are you waiting for ,ladies? It’s time to take that step to a fitter and a better you!


Zareen is a post-natal fitness trainer living in Pune.

If you have any questions for Zareen ,do ask them below, we’ll make sure they get answered.



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  1. Rafiq Somani October 13, 2016 at 3:13 pm

    Excellent and a very practical blog. Liked the realistic story telling approach and nusicances that every modern nuclear family goes thru the day. Must read and applicable for all including mothers. Great blog Zareen. Well done 👍

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      We are so happy that you liked it !
      We will be coming up with more such amazing stories for that stay tuned To Fitato’s Blog.
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