How to Choose the Best Instructor For Yourself ?

It’s very easy to find some xyz fitness center near your home these days. Some random person preaching his techniques and with a terribly photo-shopped picture of some foreign bodybuilder that no one has ever heard of. Or some very attractive white girl that is meant to be eye candy for all the guys out there. Inside this heavy veil of pretension, its close to impossible to join a class with a worthy instructor, or just to try out a class to see if its the right fit for you.

Or what are you supposed to do when your instructor decides to take a break from caring for your behind all the time and take a much deserved vacation? How are you supposed to find a equally caring replacement for your instructor?

Here are some things that you might want to look out for when going instructor-searching..

1. Teaching History – Experience

Well this one is kind of the most cliched of everything on the list. Everyone is out to get the best for themselves, which is very understandable. But while you’re looking for that age old yoga instructor, don’t forget that there are people that might be just starting out but are definitely worth a shot.

2. Attitude

There is a big difference between being knowledgeable in your field and being a good teacher in that subject. Someone might be the most knowledgeable in a certain subject but know nothing about it, and someone might also be not as learned but be an amazing teacher. It’s vital that you strike the right balance in finding a teacher that is as learned as he is good at teaching. There’s no use trying to run behind a highly accredited instructor that is a very shitty teacher. Your instructor must have the patience to work at your own pace, but push you just enough so he doesn’t make you lose interest.

3. Classes and Timings

Mostly people who conduct classes out of relatively small commercial classes or their homes can be quite understanding in their timings. With smaller batches and more one-on-one interactions, its easier for them to come to a common understanding for everyday classes, but no so much in a larger conglomerate chain. Even though these chains have more funding, they are a little stringent in their timings. You should look for classes that give you exposure but don’t compromise too much on the equipment.

This is where Fitato is going to help you out. 

We have 4 different types of passes:

  1. One Week All Access Pass – Gives you work out access at all our partner gyms and studios for 7 days

  2. Flexi All Access Pass – Gives you work out access at all our partner gyms and studios for 10 sessions that are valid for a period of 30 days

  3. Monthly All Access Pass – Gives you work out access at all our partner gyms and studios for 30 days

  4. Quarterly All Access Pass – Gives you work out access at all our partner gyms and studios for 90 days

This might seem like an obvious promotion, but think about it, where else can you only pay for experimenting with that class? 

Where else can you just test the waters by paying for a small number of session because you don’t want to commit to that unrealistic, but yet lucrative year long membership?

So in conclusion, use either the Flexi Pass or the One Week Pass to test out that one Dance Class that you see everyday on your way to work, or that gym that seems very hifi and classy.

Play around with the classes and their instructors around you until you find the perfect fit for you!!

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