Don’t let the dry spell ruin your future sex life!

Forgive me, I’ll skip the foreplay.

What happens when it has been a while since you got lucky, do you think abandoning your hormones is the way to get some? Nope!

Sorry for I’ve wronged you by not letting you let me experience the “runner’s high” after a run, cardio exercises, aerobics, zumba, and any form of exercise I choose that gets me moving and panting, for a while now. But, I will let you secrete estrogen in small amounts now, let you boost my self esteem and help me socialise and get me out of my comfort zone. Oh dear endorphins, you’ve been lowering my stress hormones, pain, stabilizing blood pressure, enhancing immune system functions, putting me to better sleep and of course taking my sexual pleasures to another level with the help of Ms.Oxytocin. So if not sex for now then I will do so by working out, because you and I make a great team.


As for, Mr. testosterone, keeping sperm and RBCs in production, muscle mass formation, helping me sleep better with hair on my head. So, how can I keep you going if it isn’t for sex? By not letting you lurk around the iron of the best gyms in Pune/CrossFit GrayBar. Keeping my strength workout especially on so that you can keep help me last longer(especially in bed) also because lack of libido, infertility, insomnia, fragile bones, diminished muscle mass, loss of hair are not even the last in my wishlist. I will move to command my hippocampus to signal the pituitary gland to secret the luteinizing hormone for me to get up every morning, hopefully beside a lover.


Can we leave out on how alluring and feline a yogi’s sex life would be when we’re talking about fitness and sex?! Just imagine, not falling short of breath at that very moment, stretching and bending till you like it, connective tissues supporting the stretches of muscles flowing blood to all the right places, spine and posture just perfectly in shape with every move, damn! “Ohhh move”, “leg cramp!” and “There goes your ending!”

Agreed, it is difficult and expensive to find iron, cardio, yoga, swimming, zumba, aerobics, martial arts, crossfit through one portal so that’s why, Fitato.

A “dry spell” surely is the worst, but don’t let it ruin your future sex life!



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