10 things Punekars can do to make their lives exciting

Punekars, don’t you get bored sometimes? You find yourself becoming a little dull whining about the mundane routine. It feels like you are stuck in the rut and it will take months or years to get back your exciting life.


We do long for a more exciting and happening life but at the same time resist it even more. We become so comfortable with our routine that it’s daunting when we are actually faced with the opportunity to do something about our ever-so-mundane routine.


Do you want to make your life exciting and fun?


You can maybe , go to Goa drink a chilled beer on the beach, watch bikini-clad women sunbathing or you can take an adventure trip to the Himalayas with random backpackers. Isn’t it? Seems like a long haul. Even though we’d all love to do that , we  have too many obligations to fulfill and responsibilities to take care of. Aah!


But you don’t have to do something dramatic or big to make your life exciting. Small changes ,self-improvement stretches and shifts in thinking are enough to make your life exciting , fun and snap-chat worthy .


Here’s a list of 10 things Punekars can do to make their lives super exciting and super fun. 


Click pictures of things that catch your eye:

 westin fitato










On your way to work , click pictures of your surroundings. Pune is a pretty place and sometimes it’s beauty goes unnoticed. This way you will start noticing your surroundings more and more grateful of your surroundings.


Give yourself a challenge

tea fitat kp












What is it that you’ve been delaying or knowingly ignoring?

What have you been longing and have been unable to achieve?

Start by taking small steps. Give yourself a challenge .Go buy new stationary – sticky notes and sketch pens. Every night before sleeping set a challenge for yourself- “Tomorrow I will drink a glass of coconut water”. Easy-peasy , right?


Get out and Play:



What happened to us? We used to play all day and come back home with dirty clothes and it used to be super fun! And it’s still fun! Get back your inner child. Ask your colleagues to play a game of badminton or volleyball.

Make Fitness Your Playground:












Do you remember going to the water park as the kid? That one wrist band allowed you access to different rides. Yes no separate tickets, just show the band and you’re on board! Fitato is exactly the same.

It means you have one access pass to a variety of fitness centers. Experiment with different formats. Go for Zumba on Mondays and start the week with a bang. Let Tues & Wed be for yoga when office stress is hitting the peak. How about swimming on Thurs ? Try that. And get your partner to the Belly dancing on Fridays! Saturday wanna skip? Nah! We’ve got kickboxing too for you to try out!

Yes, pick from a platter of different workout formats so that you’re never bored or sick of your ‘same’ routine every day. Make new friends, go with friends and make fitness your best friend!

So Punekars , what are you all waiting for?  Download the app here : Download Link

Try new Cafes and Restaurants in Pune :











Pune has a vast variety of unique cafes and restaurants set up by owners with great passion .

Go to The Flour Works at 12 in the night to have a  yummilicious dessert. Pamper yourself with  a tasty brunch at Beetroot Bistro in Koregaon  Park. Try Kuka with a crush near Chaitanaya Prantha in Viman Nagar. It’s a thick , creamy and chocolaty, you won’t find it anywhere. Or just have a coffee at Star-bucks cafe and observe other people around you .

Talk to random people and get to know their stories











You’ll be surprised everyone has a fascinating story to tell. Start from your maid ,ask her about her life in the village ,how she lived ,where she studied. Talk to cafe owners or the old uncle in your colony . You’ll be surprised what you are missing on .

Have a heart –to- heart conversation with your friends

swig pune









Punekars , you can go with your closest friends to Swig during Happy Hours, drink two-three beers and you are all set to reveal secrets or gossips you’ve not told each other yet. It’s the magical time to share all your deepest desires or just rant about your life. It feels great trust me.

Watch planes fly or gaze at the stars in the night sky

stars pune









Cool breeze, close friends , a packet of chips ,airplanes taking off and the sky full of stars. Isn’t life wonderful? You can do this near the Pune Airport or go to BopdevGhat in Katraj. If you can drive down to the tiger point, it’ll be magical. The best time to do this would be early spring or winter , summers might get a little too hot and winters will be good too if you set up a bone fire.

Join MeetUp.com and meet new people based on your interest:

 meetup pune fitato









Be it meditation ,coding ,cycling or even music, this website has a place for all Punekars. You can join groups and meet new people, learn new things and get to know different people . Whatever your interest may be , you will find great opportunities to nurture it. Try right away. All you have to do is go to the website and select your interest. The website will show you various upcoming meetups which you can join. It’s totally safe and extremely fun!

Do something you are afraid of doing:











The feeling of fear is the answer to your boredom. It’s time to face your fears, whether it is telling someone something you’ve always wanted to say or trying out an adventure sport or even that swimming class that scares the hell out of you . Paragliding or bike riding ? Or even telling someone something you’ve always wanted to say.

So Punekars are you ready to add that spice in your life. Comment below with what you do to make your life exciting .



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