Top Group Workout Classes for Men in Pune

Did you think group classes are only for women? Think Again!

Gym is not the only place for men in their 20’s and 30’s. You might like to shake your booty too once in a while to Bollywood numbers, who knows! Then why should anything be holding you back?

Here is Fitato’s pick  for top 10 group classes for men in Pune, where you can workout your heart out to Zumba, Yoga, Dance, MMA, and other group activities! 

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Zumba is generally associated with girls, and women dancing away to some peppy song, but no more!! Angelynn, or ‘Angie’ in short, is a very experienced Zumba instructor. She’s very passionate about her job and wants to spread the joy of Zumba.  And apparently, you don’t even need to know how to dance to be part of her lessons!! In today’s monotonous regime of work, her class is the perfect thing for all men out there wanting to stay fit, And also have a lot of fun doing so. Her classes have a lot of variety of people in them and is made for all ages. And the best part is that it happens in a very happening club called as COCOPARRA in Kharadi!



First Fitt at Viman Nagar is an excellent place to try out group classes specially studio cycling or spinning as you call it. The studio has an exceptional set of bikes and trainers that motivate you to push yourself pass your threshold on some crazy music tracks. Its one of the best places to workout in a group, and seek motivation in the people around you for your workout. A must try for men struggling to find the will power to complete their workout sessions.




As much as you’d like to ignore it, Zumba is taking over the country by storm. It is the perfect combination of aerobics and dance movements to work your core and legs. It’s a great thing for men, as men don’t usually do Zumba, per se, and it has a great group workout routine attached to it. Zumba with Pooja Shinde has a classic twist to the mainstream Zumba. Her classes are energetic, vibrant and have the most amazing moves!



More often than not, Zumba is associated with women. Even though its widely useful for men as well, men feel shy to try something that is very popular among women. Chetan is the living example of breaking that stereotype. He calls Zumba a shortcut to happiness, and is one of the best Zumba instructors in the city; especially for men. Now you don’t have to use the excuse that Zumba is only for women!

  • UPMA


Universal Power Martial Arts,  is an academy for overall fitness and martial arts training. Complete training means getting one’s Body, Mind and spirit together. This is a unique combination of strong and enduring body, calm mind, and an unconquerable spirit that never gives up in any unfavorable situation in life, is a great way to live your life and be happy! Its one of the best places to discover yourself, and learn the ancient arts of self defense and fighting.Its an exciting place that all men should visit at least once!



MJK Academy is one of the best places to learn dance and martial arts. They have a strong goal to spread happiness thorugh dance to the people for an affordable price. It is leaded by Mayur Jitsingh, who is a nationally acclaimed dancer and choreographer.

  • P40X


P40X focuses a lot on body weight training and workouts. It believes in fitness that compliments sports and enhancing your overall performance in sports. It has a lot of variety when it comes to outdoor workouts. These classes are outdoor, held among greenery and fresh air, giving you the perfect kick start to the day.

Weight loss
Weight gain
Lean body workouts
Sports workouts
Rehabilitation exercises
Muscle toning
Sport psychology
Fitness Consultation

Its a really good place for men who are really into sports to come and work on their fitness that compliments the skills they need to play their sport.



Anshu is described as caring, punctual and joyful. She is said to really dive into yoga while teaching her students how to master the age old art of fitness.



The Yoga Lights Studio believes in a holistic understanding of the subject of yoga. It strongly believes in the idea that yoga give one a way to explore oneself more intricately. Yoga is a way to look into yourself and ask who you are and what your purpose is in life.

If you haven’t already been to any of these classes, book them here. With Fitato you can try out all these classes through a single pass!



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