Leading a healthier lifestyle than yesterday.

The perfect love-hate relationship; fitness. With some obvious hatred towards those fitness enthusiasts, but even more obvious following of their fitness journey.

No matter what, the fact of feeling absolutely rejuvenated after a workout and good sex is undeniable!

The fresh energy it channelizes right from the formation of the first droplets of sweat, heartbeats rising to a level it has not experienced, breathlessness speeding up, burning sensations in your arms, legs, glutes, blood racing through the circuit of your body and at that very moment all that your brain is commanding you to do is halt, stop, quit! But you will refuse and get in control of your brain at that moment because you know your potential and keep on fighting till suddenly relaxation introduces itself. Now, your brain, heartbeat, bodily movements, blood flow are all in synchronization and you’ve made a rhythm of your own. Love — check. (Yeah this is actually love.)

Hate — In full accordance, acting upon that decision to get fitter truly puts you through tubs of ice cream, extra large fries and a 500g beef sirloin all at once! But, fitness is not about just losing the excess fat or weight. You don’t let go off your desires because that’s not living. A healthy lifestyle means not being breathless after climbing one flight of stairs, needing two days of rest after a 1 kilometer run. It’s the discipline of controlling the utmost desire of finishing that tub of ice cream instead of having one scoop, having dinner by 8:00 PM and not hogging on midnight delivery, going to long distance with fermented food whom you are always excited to meet because it’s once in a while. It’s a certain lifestyle you adapt personalising it according to your aim in life, your routine.

And that has been our aim with Fitato, to give you the authority of exposing your body to a variety of activities.

Maybe today is not the day you want to push yourself, then relax with swimming it out or crossfit the hell out of your muscles on those high adrenaline days and opt for yoga to let it help you take those deep breaths to pump in oxygen wholeheartedly to your body parts.

Workout so that you breathe better, live more in each moment, feel more, justify the potential in your muscles and bones, let that energy channelize and oh, definitely helps you get better at those moves, dance, you know!



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